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Pepe Gámez es uno de los hombres más populares de La Casa de los Famosos.

Pepe Gámez was clear that yesterday both he and Diego and Madison were going to fall on the table of nominees. Despite the optimism, realism prevailed and all the members of “La Resistencia” were clear that as of yesterday the countdown for some of them began. This did not necessarily happen. The envelope that the leader won defined the way in which his voting process would take place. Chance helped Pepe Gámez. Roulette took three points from him and it gave one more point to Raúl García and two points from La Materialista.

Roulette moved the table of nominees and with the points added and subtracted the result was: Madison and Diego in the table plus José and Raúl. Pepe does not know this. José has not wanted to tell what he won in the envelope, for this reason, no matter how much the Mexican actor does numbers, no account will add up.

The fans have reacted to the result of the nomination day. Karma, many shouted on 24/7! The comment arose in relation to Raúl García, who after the elimination of Dania Méndez asserted that he wanted to enter the SUM with Madison and Pepe. The scenario varied a bit and yes, everything seems to indicate that he will enter the SUM in the company of Madison and Diego. But, beware, here is a small “marginal note”. José is still the leader and today his power is divided because he did not win immunity, but he does have a power that allows him to save a nominee or save himself and avoid elimination.

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Nothing is said. The fans of Madison, Diego and Pepe are already voting for “their roosters”. The Resistance is voting and nobody knows what could happen this Monday if Madison and Diego enter the SUM either with José or with Raúl.

La Casa de los Famosos, an Endemol Shine Boomdog production for Telemundo, a division of Banijay, is executive produced by Francisco “Cisco” Suárez, Executive Vice President of Reality Programming and Prime Time Specials for Telemundo, along with Pancho Calvo as executive producer and Pablo Alonso as showrunner.

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