‘Pebbles’, at 22 years and 65 days, receives the Guinness record for the longest-living dog in the world amid controversy | Lifestyle | The USA Print


22 years and 65 days. That’s the age of pebblesan exemplary female of the Toy Fox Terrier breed, weighing almost two kilos, born on March 28, 2000, and for which she has won the title of the longest-living dog in the world, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records. But his crowning as the oldest living canine on the planet has not been without controversy.

the owners of pebbles, Bobby and Julie Gregory, a family that lives in Taylors, a town in the state of South Carolina, (USA), did not know that the puppy that came to their home more than two decades ago was eligible for the title, until a group of friends and relatives alerted them. “Bobby was sitting on the couch and he started getting texts and calls about a story they saw about a 21-year-old dog that set the record,” Julie explained. to the guinness world record organization.

TobyKeith, born on January 9, 2001 in Greenacres, a town in the state of Florida (USA), is a Chihuahua dog of 21 years and 66 days —on March 16, 2022— who at the end of April had obtained the official title that awards the Guinness Book. “When I saw the story of TobyKeith in all the news, I applied”, added Julie.

TobyKeith He was adopted by his recent owner, Gisela Shore, from an animal shelter when he was just a few months old. “I was a volunteer Peggy Adams Animal Rescue and one of the employees told me about an elderly couple who were trying to give up a puppy because they couldn’t take care of it anymore,” Shore explained. to the Guinness Book Organization when he received the title for TobyKeith. “I met them and they introduced me to a little tan chihuahua. They call him peanut butter. I later changed his name to TobyKeith”.

the gregory family assured the Fox network that pebbles it is a “night owl” and usually spends the day sleeping while sunbathing by the pool at home. Bobby explained to the television network that the dog normally wakes up around four or five in the afternoon for dinner time and stays up the rest of the night. She loves pizza, burgers and tacos, a fact that is already outlined in his Instagram profile, and cat food. Also, and to celebrate their title, according to Bobby and Julie, pebbles took a bubble bath.

The other amazing and curious fact in this story is the average lifespan of a Toy Fox Terrier. The so-called American Toy Terrier or Amertoy usually live an average of between 12 or 14 years. pebbles has surpassed this number in eight years. Julie Gregory, its owner, shared to the Fox television network the secret to have a life as long as pebbles: “Treat your pet like family because they are. Give them a happy and positive environment as much as possible, good clean food and proper medical care.”


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