Paz Padilla sparks a wave of comments after her photo with Felipe VI: “Have you added cheekbones?”


Paz Padilla Belén Esteban has marked himself by posing with Philip VI at the delivery of the Gold Medals for Merit in Fine Arts 2022, an event that was held this Wednesday in Cádiz and brought together other well-known faces such as Maria del Monte and Immaculate Casalin the midst of a storm due to the imprisonment of Antonio Tejado.

After the event, the comedian shared several images on Instagram. In one of them she poses with Doña Letizia’s husband. In others with the Minister of Culture Ernest Urtasunwith one’s own Maria del Monte or with Andy and Lucasrecognized for their musical career in the year in which they put an end, at least for the moment, to their career together.

Among the comments read in the post by the Cadiz presenter, who currently collaborates on AfternoonAR and presents next Tuesday a new book (Mother), some unfortunate comments are read: “Have you done something to your face?”, “My goodness, what cheeks” or “Peace, you’ve got cheekbones. I liked you better before, but if you like yourself like that…”, They have written to him, among many more messages of this type. Lucas, for his part, has also been a topic of conversation for the same reason: “Please Lucas, what have you done to your face, son? How disfigured you are!”

Responses have also surfaced reproaching these types of comments: “Long live education. I don’t go in to look to see what has been done. I go in because I like it and nothing more.”

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