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    Paradoxes of ‘Porky’, the fanatical mayor of Lima who wants to end Castillo | The USA Print

    He declares himself mayor of the hills —the poor who live in the hills— says he preaches love and is respectful of democracy. But Rafael López Aliaga Cazorla, a businessman linked to 42 companies, threatened Pedro Castillo with death when he was a candidate for the presidency of Peru, has sued businessmen and journalists, and slipped the possibility of fraud in the elections last Sunday before that the counting of the votes was favorable to him.

    Winner of the mayoralty of Lima in a very tight way, barely by a margin of 47 thousand votes, López Aliaga says he does not consider himself a politician, but in 2006 he was provincial councilor of Lima and in 2011 he was a failed candidate for the Congress of the Republic . That seat tempted her under the umbrella of Solidaridad Nacional, the political group that seated the lawyer Luis Castañeda Lossio in the municipal seat of the Peruvian capital in three periods between 2003 and 2018. Industrial engineer from the University of Piura and master’s degree in administration by the Universidad del Pacífico, López Aliaga went from being a militant to being the national secretary and legal representative in the party of the sun, in the last quarter of 2019.

    A year later, in October 2020, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, Rafael López Aliaga gave the final blow to National Solidarity with a view to the 2021 General Elections, via streaming: from now on the party would be called Popular Renovation , and would give up its traditional yellow color, so important to its original leader (it used to be said that Castañeda Lossio had an obsession with painting Lima yellow), in order to embrace a lurid light blue that he explained with an affront to feminism: “It’s a response to the color green, the color of death.”

    Businessman Rafael López Aliaga speaks during a public act on Sunday, in Lima (Peru).
    Businessman Rafael López Aliaga speaks during a public act on Sunday, in Lima (Peru).Paolo Aguilar (EFE)

    López Aliaga had changed the political identity of a political group founded in 1998 with a brushstroke. At last it was the face of his own party, a party that he took it upon himself to link to religious fanaticism from the outset. “The center of my statute and my ideology is Christ,” he said, later confessing that he repressed his sexual desires by thinking of the Virgin Mary. “If I see a woman I say to the Virgin Mary: ‘you are prettier than this girl’. I am so in love with the virgin ”, the 61-year-old businessman said without blushes.

    During the 2021 presidential campaign, Rafael López Aliaga violated the health regulations for the State of Emergency, refusing to wear a mask and gathering crowds, on tours he dubbed “caravans of hope.” For this reason, the Salud con Lupa portal included him in its list of disinformers who spread lies in the pandemic.


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    In those days, a sector of the press began to call him the ‘Peruvian Bolsonaro’ for declaring himself against the legalization of abortion and equal marriage in reference to the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right who will seek re-election on October 30 before ex-president Lula da Silva.

    López Aliaga rejected the comparison, claiming that he did respect minorities and that Bolsonaro is “extremely intolerant.” We do not know his standard of tolerance, but the truth is that with his advisers he took advantage of the other nickname that, rather, the street gave him: porkythe animated cartoon from the first half of the last century that reminds us of a cute, shy and harmless little pig.

    That mantle of candor and that pro-family discourse, wrapped in Christian values, contrasts with chilling pronouncements such as when he referred to euthanasia saying that “if you want to kill yourself, go up to a building and throw yourself” or when in the middle of a demonstration he made a bloody call to his opponents: “Death to communism, death to [Vladimir] closed already [Pedro] Castle”. Cerrón is the general secretary of Peru Libre, the party with which Pedro Castillo became the president of the Republic.

    A man votes at a voting center this Sunday, in the municipal elections in Lima.
    A man votes at a voting center this Sunday, in the municipal elections in Lima.Paolo Aguilar (EFE)

    Be that as it may, in last year’s elections, López Aliaga ranked third nationally with 11.7% (1,692,279 votes), just two percentage points from reaching the second round. As is known, Keiko Fujimori, the leader of Fuerza Popular, earned that right with 13.4% (1,930,762). And furthermore, she placed second in Lima with 16.8%.

    When he ended up in such an expectant position, some time later he made public his desire to run for mayor of Lima. He called his government plan ‘Lima world power’ and proclaimed himself the “mayor of the hills.” Yes, the former chairman of the Perurail board of directors, former manager of Corporate and Development Banking at Citibank, and founder of Grupo Acres, a train and hotel business conglomerate, launched himself as a candidate of the people.

    In this latest campaign, which concluded on Sunday, he has promised an investment shock of one billion dollars, a patrol with 10,000 motorcycles with geolocators, the construction of a system of urban cable cars and university trams that connect districts with high population density, the reopening of a prison in the Peruvian jungle that has not operated since 1993 (Colonia Penal Agrícola del Sepa), among others. Proposals that, according to political analysts, are unfeasible and in many cases do not correspond to municipal prerogatives.

    In Rafael López Aliaga’s plan, by the way, there is not a single line about the LGBTIQ+ community. But he is shocked when they call him the Peruvian Bolsonaro. He claims to be a prosperous businessman, but according to the newspaper La República, eight of his company owe the public treasury 8.7 million dollars.

    Yesterday, after being sure that he is the virtual mayor of Lima, López Aliaga said that he will declare President Pedro Castillo persona non grata, that he will demand that he “resign for the good of Peru” and that he will govern “hand in hand with the right.” popular”. He has shouted: “no more ‘donkeys’ in a country of porkys”. Animated fantasies of yesterday and today.

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