Palarq Foundation publishes a volume with the details of the finalists of the ‘II National Prize for Archeology and Palentology’ | The USA Print

Palarq Foundation publishes a volume with the details of the finalists of the 'II National Prize for Archeology and Palentology'



In order to disseminate the “excellence and quality” of the projects submitted to the II National Prize for Archeology and Palentology Fundación Palarq, The Palarq Foundation makes available to the general public the book that compiles the details of the six finalist projects of the second edition of the award, including the winning project, ‘La Montaña del tiempo. Exploration of a paleolithic camp in La Garma’.

Led by doctors Pablo Arias Cabal and Roberto Ontañón Peredo, under the auspices of the National Institute for Prehistoric Research of Cantabria, the University of Cantabria and the Government of Cantabria, the project advances in the knowledge of Middle Magdalenian occupations in this area.

Each project has a specific chapter in which its study objectives are exposed, as well as the main results obtained in the research. All this accompanied by the most representative images.

In addition to the winner, the volume also includes the Ilit·auro Project: archeology of the Second Punic War (Jaén), the Neolithic site of La Draga (Banyoles, Girona), the project on the origin and evolution of Homo erectus in East Africa , the excavations in Luxor (Egypt) of the Djehuty Project and the La Bastida site (Totana, Murcia).

Edited with the collaboration of the RBA Group, the book can be purchased through the editorial group’s website in ebook format and in physical format, with a careful hardcover edition available in bookstores. The entity highlights that this publication is positioned “as one of the most attractive novelties” in terms of historical disclosure for the sake of World Book Day to be held on April 23.

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Convened by the institution with the same name, the award was born in 2018 with the purpose of recognizing the excellence and originality of archaeological and paleontological projects directed by Spanish research teams. Endowed with 80,000 euros, the contest is biennial and is the first prize of its kind awarded by a private foundation dedicated exclusively to these disciplines.