Pablo Lyle is still in jail and now his “wife”, Ana Araujo, appears very affectionate with another man on Instagram | Entertainment | The USA Print

Pablo Lyle is still in jail and now his "wife", Ana Araujo, appears very affectionate with another man on Instagram

The life story of actor Pablo Lyle becomes more and more complicated, and while he remains in prison, serving his sentence for involuntary manslaughter, which consists of 5 years in prison and 8 years on probation, Ana Araujo, who is presumed to be still his wife, now appears very affectionate with another man on Instagram.

So who is Araujo’s alleged new love? Thanks to the images of her with the person involved, it is said that the boyfriend’s name is Marco Lavin and he is a businessman of Mexican origin. His work is described on his social network and that is how we found out that Marco is a product, portrait and landscape photographer, who like many other influencers and entrepreneurs, promotes part of his work through social networks.

Lavin, on the other hand, is no longer a stranger in Araujo’s images, since on several occasions she has shared photographs and videos in which he appears and also appears with his name ‘tagged’ in each post.

But what happened between Ana Araujo and Pablo Lyle? It is believed that after the judge handed down the sentence, if not before, they had already separated. Let us remember that in 2022, the businesswoman, when speaking to the media about the actor, referred to him as her “ex-husband,” as highlighted by Univision Entertainment.

Her statements were made in the podcast “My wellness friend”, where she declared: “It was difficult for me to take charge, like the issue of being the boss of all those people… I was that at parties, I was happy that Pablo , my ex-husband, out of the spotlight…”

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Confusion about the real status of their relationship or marriage arose when during Lyle Araujo’s trial he assured that they were not separated and He even indicated that he was staying at the same Airbnb that he rented.

But, even though the trial is now behind him, tragedy certainly struck his family with the involuntary manslaughter he faces. For many it is logical that now she is taking her life back and starting a new romance.

Ana also participated in ‘Cada Quien El Podcast’ where she spoke about the changes she had to face and how as time went by she had to accept that her present would not be like her past, because her husband’s new legal situation had radically changed everyone’s lives: “As soon as I learned to accept that that was no longer going to be for me, that’s when I started to look back, stop looking back at what I had and look in front of me,” Araujo said as quoted by Univision.

She also added, in said interview, that she had to learn to see a world of possibilities and new ways of being, of living, of experimenting and seeing “all these new benefits that were already there for me on this new path.”

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