Our March/April 2023 eating well special issue is out! | The USA Print

What we put on our plate and our glass has a significant impact on our health. More and more studies show that certain foods promote the occurrence of chronic diseases and cancers. Conversely, others are protectors. This is the case of plants, fruits and vegetables of which it is recommended to consume at least 5 servings of 80 to 100 grams per day. In this issue, you will also find “superfoods” in our dossier p. 24 to p. 39.

In this issue, discover 10 tips for regulating your blood sugar (page 40).

The flexitarian diet is the Green topic (page 42) of this special issue.

How to cleanse your liver and lighten up naturally? This is the guiding thread of our Eating Better report (page 50). Explanations and advice from our experts for a spring detox.

Taking care of your microbiota is the key subject of our Healing through diet dossier (page 70).

  • We discover 10 anti-fatigue dishes (page 62).
  • Learn how to make mayonnaise reduced (Section “It’s homemade” page 58).

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