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‘Top Gun’ saved the cinema, and that’s how they celebrate it

Tom Cruise is not there and, at the same time, he is very present since the promotion and the opening. Steven Spielberg already told him at the nominees lunch that: “you have saved Holllywood” thanks to the success of Top Gun: Maverick as the actor and producer refused to release the movie streaming on Paramount+ in front of Paramount executives. If they had waited 25 years for the sequel, they could wait a little longer. In the end it became the fifth highest grossing film in US history. Kimmel has mentioned that rescue from the cinema and that of her ex, Nicole Kidman, who has been since the pandemic as the face of the AMC theaters advertisement, which invited people to return to the theaters. Of course, today Cruise has not attended the gala because he says that tomorrow he returns to work on Mission: Impossible. What a coincidence.

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