Or what is DM on Instagram? Saiba how to use the social network bate-papo

DM on Instagram allows you to chat individually or in groups (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)
DM on Instagram allows you to chat individually or in groups (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

O Instagram Direct, also called Instagram DM, is the message integrated into the social network. In this section, you can chat privately with other users of the platform, regarding the application or the web version of the service.

Instagram DM allows you to send photos, videos and text in individual or group chats, and conversations can be protected with end-to-end encryption.

Some Instagram Direct resources are available only for professional users. These are functions that help you better manage the input box of the social network, such as direct message filters.

To continue, or Technoblog Explain, in detail, how it works in DM on Instagram.

Or what does DM not Instagram mean?

DM means direct message, our direct message, in Portuguese. The Instagram DM term refers to messages sent via Instagram Direct, a resource from the social network's bate-papo. This tool allows you to chat individually or in a group with other users of the platform. You can use Instagram DMs to send text, photos and videos via chat.

Or what does “online” mean no bate-papo no Instagram?

Being online on Instagram means that a user is active in the social network at that moment. This status can also show how long a person was active last time.

It may take a few seconds for the activity status to stop displaying online after the user's date or app, but Instagram does not exactly inform the time frame for this to happen.

You can remove the online status of Instagram if you want more privacy when using the social network.

What does “seen” mean on Instagram Direct?

The term “seen” on Instagram Direct serves to inform that your message was viewed by the recipient. O Instagram only displays or “seen” for the last message without replying to the chat on the social network. It is possible to disable reading confirmation on Instagram to prevent other people from saying when you see a message.

What does “Instagram user” mean without Direct?

The message “Instagram user” instead of the name of a non-Direct user indicates that the account has been disabled or excluded. It is also possible to view the messages exchanged via DM with this profile. However, new messages will not be sent, even if the user decides to reactivate the account later.

Onde fica o Direct do Instagram?

To access Instagram Direct, just go to the application's home page and tap on the message ball or paper plane icon, on the top right corner. Optionally, the mobile app is present in the web version of the social network.

Accessing DMs on Instagram as a social network app
You can access Instagram DM by touching the Messenger icon or the paper plane, on the initial screen (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

By accessing the DMs area, you will also have access to Instagram Notes, a resource that allows you to leave brief messages in text or music for your followers.

Instagram Direct input box displays files with Notes, as well as two chats in the "Messages" area
Instagram Direct input box displays files with Notes, as well as two chats in the “Messages” area (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

How to use DM on Instagram?

You can use DM to send voice messages on Instagram, such as text, photos and videos to other users of the social network.

The tool allows you to open individual chats or create a group of friends on Instagram to chat with various people at the same time, in addition to making video chats.

Since Instagram was integrated into Facebook Messenger, more editing and personalization resources are available to Direct, including the possibility of altering the subject of conversations in DMs.

Despite this, not until 2023, Meta announced that it will no longer be possible to exchange messages between Facebook and Instagram.

How to send a DM on Instagram?

To send a DM on Instagram, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Access the DMs of Instagram by tapping on the balloon or paper plane icon.
  2. Enter the username in the search box or touch the new message icon, at the top right corner.
    How to access Instagram Direct to send a DM to the social network
  3. Tap on “Raise bate-papo” to open a new chat or an existing conversation.
  4. Write to your message and touch the paper airplane icon to send.
    Raising a bate-papo on Instagram

You can also send a DM from an Instagram user's profile. To do this, just touch the “Messages” option below the Bio.

How to send direct messages from an Instagram profile
Instagram allows you to send direct messages from a user's profile (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

How to send a photo not directly to Instagram?

There are two ways to send a photo not Direct to Instagram:

  • Use the camera on the bottom left edge of the cloth to capture a photo directly from Instagram, using the filters and editing tools of the social network;
    It is possible to send a photo by DM using the Instagram camera
  • Tap the image icon, at the bottom right, to select an existing photo in your phone's gallery.
    You can send a photo from the gallery via DM on Instagram using the image icon

How to send location directly to Instagram?

There is no native tool to send location via DM on Instagram. However, when you shoot a photo with the Instagram Direct camera, you can insert a location figure.

Sending a photo with location via DM on Instagram
Instagram allows you to send a photo with location via DM (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

Another alternative is to send your location through third-party service links, such as Google Maps.

Is it possible to send other types of files to Instagram?

O Instagram only allows you to send text messages, photos, videos and GIFs via DM. It is not possible to send other files, such as PDF, DOC and CSV, for example.

Can I send a message to all my Instagram followers?

Instagram does not recommend the automated sending of messages by Direct and can identify the repeated sending of the same message as spam behavior, blocking it at your own expense. Meanwhile, there are Instagram transmission channels, which allow the sending of messages on a large scale to participants.

How to edit direct messages on Instagram

To edit a message on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a conversation on Instagram.
  2. Press for a few seconds on the message you want to edit.
  3. Tap “Edit” and edit your message.
Step by step on how to edit a message on Instagram
Step by step on how to edit a message on Instagram (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

When a message is edited on Instagram, a notice appears that the text has been modified above the ball containing the message. However, it is not possible to see what was written above.

Why can't I edit a message on Instagram Direct?

In all cases there is access to the message editing resource on Instagram, the resource is being released a few times for users of the platform. You need 15 minutes to edit a message.

How to respond to specific non-Direct messages on Instagram

To reply to a message on Instagram, long-tap the ball with a text, photo or video message, and tap “Reply”. Next, type your response and touch the paper plane icon to conclude editing.

Step by step how to respond to a message on Instagram
Press a DM to reply to a specific message on Instagram (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

How to read a message on Instagram

To check a message sent via Instagram DM, press and hold the message and select the emoji of your choice. By tapping on “+” you can see other emoji options available to you.

Step by step how to read a message on Instagram
Step by step how to read a message on Instagram (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

Why can't I read messages on Instagram?

If you cannot access the restart function on Instagram, it may be that you are using an outdated version of the application.

Check if updates are available by accessing your cell phone's app store and searching for “Instagram”. After installing the most recent version of the app, try to read a message again.

How to search messages on Instagram

To search for a message on Instagram, click here:

  1. Access Instagram Direct and open the chat with someone.
  2. Tap on the user name, on the top of the screen.
  3. Tap on “Research”, below the profile photo.
    Access a chat and tap the username to search DM on Instagram
  4. Type a specific phrase or word to search.
    Enter the term you want to search in the DM search bar on Instagram

Does Instagram allow you to filter conversations in the Direct input box?

Sim. But this is one of the functions available only for professional accounts on Instagram.

To filter messages on Instagram Direct, access Instagram Direct from your professional account by touching the balloon or paper plane icon and tapping “Filter” next to the search box. Finally, choose between the filters “Not Listed”, “Not Responded” and “Signalized”.

Instagram allows you to filter DMs;  resource is available for professional accounts
Instagram allows you to filter DMs; resource is available only for commercial accounts (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

Can you download conversations from Instagram?

Sim. It is possible to download information from your account, including direct messages to make or download the Instagram backup.

Can you deactivate the Instagram DM notifications?

Sim. You can permanently disable notifications individually for each Instagram message or use Instagram Silent Mode to silence message notifications for up to 12 hours.

Is Instagram Direct private?

Sim. Only you and the people with whom you speak have access to the messages directly exchanged on the platform. Also, it is possible to activate cryptography in Instagram DMs to reinforce the security and privacy of your conversations.

Who can send me messages on Instagram?

Please, anyone can send messages to their Instagram profile. Therefore, messages from people you do not follow or never interact with requests.

Message requests are sent in a separate box in your input box. You can deactivate these requests for people who follow your account or anyone else on Instagram. There are two messages you follow on Instagram that will always go to your list of dads.

Can I know how people talk on Instagram?

No. O Instagram Direct is private and only the people who send messages have access to the bate-papo. Using third-party apps that promise to discover other people's conversations on Instagram can be interpreted as conduct that violates the guidelines of Instagram and provides access to information.

Why can't I see messages on Instagram?

If a message has been sent and it does not appear in your inbox, it may be that the conversation has gone to message requests.

You can access all of the hidden requests by entering your input box, touching “Requests” next to “Messages” and scrolling to find the “Hidden Requests” option.

Another possibility is that a message has been excluded. Another user can turn off messages sent by her on Instagram Direct without leaving traces or send temporary messages from Instagram, which automatically destroy themselves.

Or what is DM on Instagram? Saiba how to use the social network bate-papo

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