One Piece: Iñaki Godoy says that No Returns are Accepted and We The Nobles are one of his favorite movies

One Piece: Iñaki Godoy says that No Returns are Accepted and We The Nobles are one of his favorite movies

The protagonist of the hit One Piece live-action series – One Piece: Iñaki Godoy says that No Returns are Accepted and We The Nobles are one of his favorite moviesHe is 90% Mexican, born in Mexico City, and although he is now part of a successful American show, based on a manga, he does not forget his roots. In a recent episode of Rep Your Flag (Representa a tu bandera), Iñaki Godoy shared some of his likes about Mexico, and mentioned three of his favorite films, including one by Eugenio Derbez.

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Iñaki Godoy Jasso was born on August 25, 2003. He discovered his passion for histrionic art at an early age at a musical theater school. She has worked on various television series, including The Centaur’s Mistress and Blue Demon, but gained recognition for his roles in Netflix series like Who Killed Sara? – 64% and The Imperfects – 67%

Iñaki Godoy in One Piece (2023), on Netflix
Iñaki Godoy in One Piece (2023), on Netflix

in the video of Rep Your Flagthe actor mentions Los Olvidados as his first favorite film – 94%, a Mexican production directed by Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel, who had a prolific career in the country. His second choice was No refunds- 55%, a successful film written, directed and starring Eugenio Derbez, which at the time broke box office records in Mexico and other countries, and even had remakes in Turkey, France and Brazil. Finally, her third favorite Mexican film was Nosotros los Nobles- 100%, directed by Gary Alazraki, which catapulted Luis Gerardo Méndez and Karla Souza to fame.

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The forgotten, released in 1950, offers a stark and surreal portrait of life in the poor neighborhoods of Mexico City, focusing on a group of young delinquents. Through characters like Pedro and Jaibo, Buñuel explores themes of poverty, hopelessness, and the cruelty inherent in the economic system. The film is known for its avant-garde visual style and its uncompromising commitment to depicting social misery, which has made it a classic of world cinema.

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No refunds is about Valentín, a playboy from Acapulco who unexpectedly becomes a single father when a former lover leaves his baby on his doorstep. Valentin moves to Los Angeles to find his mother, but ends up raising his daughter, Maggie, alone. The film explores the father-daughter relationship through challenges and sacrifices, culminating in an emotional denouement.

We the noble is a 2013 Mexican comedy about the Nobles, a wealthy family facing the problem of spoiled and irresponsible children. To teach them a lesson, the patriarch Germán Noble fakes the bankruptcy of the family business and forces them to abandon their life of luxury. The children have to face the reality of making a living for themselves, which results in a series of hilarious situations. The film addresses issues of responsibility, maturity, and the disconnect between social classes in Mexico.

On the other hand, Godoy can be happy to be part of a project that was successful in a big way, since one piece This is the first good adaptation that Netflix has produced about a manga (not counting the Japanese series Alice in Borderland – One Piece: Iñaki Godoy says that No Returns are Accepted and We The Nobles are one of his favorite movies90%). one piece is a monumental achievement, and with a talented cast led by Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, the series provides a fresh and authentic interpretation of characters loved by fans around the world. Acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, this production stands out for its ability to capture the spirit of adventure and optimism that makes the original material so captivating.

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