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Octavio Ocaña, conocido también como Benito Rivers por su papel en "Vecinos" (1998 - 2021).

Almost two years after the death of Octavio Ocanathe family continues to fight for justice, although they say they have been receiving threats.

The case of the “Neighbors” actor was changed a few weeks ago to intentional homicide by the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office after the actor’s family collected evidence that it was not a suicide nor was he accidentally shot.

Octavio Ocaña’s family assures that they are receiving death threats from police officer Gerardo, who is currently on the run after shooting the actor and sharing his photos on social networks.

“They were death threats, but I don’t listen to them, they just want me to shut up and I can’t shut up”said Octavio Pérez, Ocaña’s father.

Even Bertha Ocanathe actor’s sister, commented that if something happens to them, the culprit is the policeman who is on the run.

“If one of the two police officers involved becomes a fugitive from justice, it is your fault, today there is a fugitive and if something happens to some of us, the responsibility remains with the Prosecutor’s Office”he declared.

A few weeks ago the actor’s family appeared at the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) where they had a meeting with the representatives and came to the conclusion that there were several violations of Octavio’s human rights.

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