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The Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, known for his character as Benito Rivers in the series

The Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, known for his character as Benito Rivers in the series “Vecinos”, died on October 29, 2021.

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The State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office reclassified the case of Octavio Ocana from manslaughter to intentional after the actor’s family independently collected sufficient evidence to show that the actor, who was known for his character “Benito Rivers”, was murdered and did not die accidentally or by apparent suicideas mentioned in the first official version of the authorities.

The Public Ministry confirmed to El País that a judge was asked to reclassify the case to intentional homicide for the events recorded on October 29, 2021, which took the life of Octavio Ocaña.

After a year and a half of investigations, the authorities of the State of Mexico accepted the new version that arose from the independent expert opinions and arguments of the family of the actor of “Vecinos”.

The evidence collected by the family, which pointed to a murder, the results of which were revealed at the end of March, were also accepted by the authorities after meetings where the relatives criticized that the case was expedited after the departure of the then head of the Edomex Prosecutor’s Office. , Alejandro Jaime Gomez Sanchez.

“About a month ago we had a meeting with the Attorney General of the State of Mexico and we agreed that we had sufficient evidence to prove intentional homicide, in addition to police abuse, which is also intentional.”

“At the end of this month we will have the hearing of the intermediate stage, but the accusation that the Prosecutor’s Office presented at the end of the term of the complementary investigation was already for intentional homicide,” confirmed Francisco Fernández, lawyer for the Ocaña family.

They confirm violation of the human rights of Octavio Ocaña

In relation to the reclassification of the case, this Thursday, the Ocaña family appeared at the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) where they had a meeting with the representatives and it was concluded that there had been several violations of Octavio’s human rights. .

“Today we have enormous news for you, that in effect both Augusto Octavio Pérez Ocaña and his companions were victims of serious violations of their human rights, among those violations that are determined are the violation of due process, legal certainty, and the most relevant , the right to life that all Mexicans should have”the lawyer informed ‘Ventaneando’.

Bertha Ocaña and Octavio Pérez, the actor’s father, thanked the results in front of the national media cameras, where they also confirmed that they were happy with the progress made after their investigations and the work of their legal team.

“Right now I almost shed a tear after a trick question where we asked: did they violate human rights? (and they responded) Everyone, okay, we already achieved what we had to achieve”, commented Octavio Pérez.

Through a post on Instagram, Bertha Ocaña, sister of “Benito” wrote: “Today we can shout it out to the world that Octavio Ocaña’s human rights were violated, mainly the right to life, we feel grateful and happy for his reception, always thanks to our legal team for being so busy and thanks to my brother who, wherever he is today, more than ever, does not stop helping us”.

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