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Julia Fox with her extravagant outfit to do the shopping in Los Angeles

Going out in pajamas or without pants have become two of the most daring trends of the year. Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni or Bella Hadid have been some of the style prescribers who they have risked with looks that have not left their thousands of followers around the world indifferent.

But to these two trends we must add a third that is even more suggestive: going out in underpants. The person in charge of advancing this emerging trend has been Julia Fox, who was Kanye West’s first girlfriend after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Julia Fox with her extravagant outfit to do the shopping in Los Angeles

Instagram @juliafox

The actress, who was largely unknown to the public when she began dating the controversial rapper, generated many headlines for her shocking, eccentric and daring outfits. Just a year ago, the photographers caught Julia leaving the supermarket in underwear combined with a jacket, boots and a bag made of denim.

But this time he has gone further and has stepped on a gas station in his underpants. A provocative outfit whose star garment is men’s underpants by Diesel that she wears with a white cropped top, a jacket, furry mules and a furry green bag.

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A super risky look that has already gone viral on networks, where many users are commenting on it, some of them even joking that it looks like a Diesel campaign, whose underpants are worn by many men around the world.

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This trend of wearing men’s underwear is gaining followers. A few weeks ago, Violeta Mangriñán posed in the streets of Madrid with white underpants that stood out from the jeans and that she combined with her top. A fashion that has all the numbers to succeed in these halftime weeks.

Violeta Mangriñán with men's underpants in Madrid

Violeta Mangriñán with men’s underpants in Madrid

Instagram @violet

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