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Not even Noah can save this society

12 years ago, the anarchist collective FC Bergman, who had not yet finished their theater studies, premiered at the Toneelhuis in Antwerp an experimental piece whose title is the measurements in cubits that God our Lord dictated to Noah when building the ark to weather the universal flood: 300 el x 50 el x 30 el.

Not only has the piece not been shipwrecked, but it continues to be performed all over the world, with 15 performers plus about eighty volunteers from the place where it is made, in this case from associations of the Poble Sec of Barcelona.

Crossed border

The camera that enters homes breaks the boundaries between public life and private life

Yesterday afternoon, the Teatre Lliure opened the season and did so with an impressive show, full of religious references, which Juan Carlos Martel wanted to have in Barcelona in the last year that he directs the Barcelona entity.

On stage, half a dozen wooden houses from a small rural town, surrounded by fir trees. At the 2011 premiere they took advantage of the Christmas trees that people had already thrown away. In the middle, a small lake with a fisherman. Almost a nativity scene.

An image of FC Bergman's montage '300 x 50 x 30'

An image of FC Bergman’s montage ‘300 x 50 x 30’

Kurt Van der Elst

But a large screen will break the border between public space and private space by entering these six houses. Following a traveling circular that passes behind, the camera shows us its interior: a man in bed, sick; a lady binging while a man and a girl serve her food; a girl playing the piano with a teacher who beats time for her; a woman trying to have a bowel movement and a man masturbating; four men drinking beer and playing darts, and finally another man setting firecrackers on a model of the town.

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Everything suggests a society isolated in itself, where the relationships between one and the other are one of contempt and cruelty, and, from the title, one can think that another universal flood would have to come to put an end to this society again. who does not know how to live in community. It’s an interpretation. The montage leaves beautiful, impressive and suggestive images on the retina of the viewer, who does not lose any detail.

Version in Catalan, here