Not always: Hayao Miyazaki does not retire with The Boy and the Heron

Not always: Hayao Miyazaki does not retire with The Boy and the Heron

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most important directors in the history of film and animation. His work has proven time and time again that he is a strong storyteller and a sensitive artist who always manages to reach the hearts of viewers. Thanks to this, his works are a great reference for other creators who long ago made him a legend. Several years ago, Miyazaki said that The Boy and the Heron – 100% would be his last film, but it seems that the director has regretted it again, as he could already be preparing his next work.

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Miyazaki was always a talented artist, but as with all great geniuses in the industry, he had to cultivate his art a lot by working in different positions that taught him the secrets of animation, storytelling and directing. Likewise, with each new project he gained a reputation to eventually have the right to direct his own film, which led him to new productions and, finally, to found Studio Ghibli, a production company that gave him the freedom to work at his rhythm and exactly how he wanted.

But being a genius is not easy at all. Despite the optimistic touch that can be found in all his productions, from My Neighbor Totoro – Not always: Hayao Miyazaki does not retire with The Boy and the Heron93% until The Wind Rises – Not always: Hayao Miyazaki does not retire with The Boy and the Heron88%, Miyazaki has many difficulties seeing himself in the real world and in several interviews he has spoken about his way of seeing life and the work of animation itself. Over the years, this type of work has changed a lot thanks to new technologies, and for the director that can be unfortunate when priority is given to this step instead of the narration itself and the creation of good characters. .

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Hayao Miyazaki’s retreats

Feeling out of place in the world of animation, and facing the difficulties he now has drawing by hand, Miyazaki has stated on several occasions that he is ready to retire. After the premiere of Princess Mononoke – Not always: Hayao Miyazaki does not retire with The Boy and the Heron92% in 1997, the director thought about leaving his work behind, but the feeling was quickly overcome by his growing interest in exploring new themes and narrative lines. In 2013, The Story of Princess Kaguya – Not always: Hayao Miyazaki does not retire with The Boy and the Heron100% and The Wind Rises They were presented as the creator’s last films, and the decision seemed final this time.

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The Boy and the Heron would be Miyazaki’s last masterpiece

Despite taking some time, Miyazaki quickly returned to his old ways to make a short film, and although after releasing it once again he said he was ready to put down his pencils and brushes, in 2017 he announced that he would deliver one last film for Studio Ghibli. The tape in question is The Boy and the Heron, which took a while to become known, but was a great success among the public and specialized critics. To avoid competing with the advertising of more popular films, the production company decided not to promote this work at all, since everyone already knew that it would be the director’s last great work and that was enough to bring the public to the theater.

This was more than fulfilled, as the film became a great success in Japan and is already reaching the West where the reception will surely be just as good and strong. Many considered that due to the autobiographical and personal touches, the story was perfect to say goodbye to Miyazaki, although now everything indicates that the idea of ​​​​retirement has been left behind again. In interview with Eli Glasner, Junichi Nishiokavice president of Studio Ghibli, stated that the creator is already thinking about his next project:

Exciting news for Hayao Miyazaki fans. Studio Ghibli vice president Junichi Nishioka tells us that The Boy and the Heron is not Miyazaki’s last film and that he is already going to the office with new ideas.


Some time ago, Hayao Miyazaki He declared that he knew well that the public would not believe in his retirement, but that this time it was real and definitive. If this changed again, it is certain because the creator has another brilliant idea that he cannot leave in the hands of others, since he has always been very independent, reserved, almost jealous of his ideas. At this time, the director has not confirmed or denied this news, but things will become clear very soon if the company confirms a new project for the coming years.

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