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Noelia heated up her millions of fans by announcing that her new line of leggings will be available to the public this year. On her Instagram account, the Puerto Rican singer shared a video where she poses like a professional sheathed in one of the most impressive outfits in her collection.

The publication accumulates thousands of views and has been received with an avalanche of compliments from her followers and friends, who also did not want to miss the opportunity to highlight the spectacular curves that the interpreter boasts in the material. thanks to a low cut red high cut bodysuit, latex boots and very flattering translucent leggings.

“Noelicious translucent leggings…. They are coming strong again… #noelicious # Noelia💋”, she wrote at the bottom of the clip.

Something that Noelia’s audience undoubtedly loves is being able to see the Puerto Rican wearing her high-impact outfits in her daily life or during her presentations, sometimes it doesn’t even matter if they are revealing or not. They just like to see the curvaceous figure that this Latin music star enjoys.

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