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Noelia She is a true specialist who knows how to win over her millions of fans on social networks. A few days ago, the Puerto Rican took advantage of her official Instagram account to upload a video where she is seen using a tight bodysuit that is truly tiny in the back.

In the clip shared by the singer, she appears holding her cell phone camera while showing off her tempting body from various angles with a low-cut red bodysuit like dental floss that barely covers his rear and the most intimate of his anatomy.

“Sexy Saturday after the gym… 😁”, is the epigraph that Noelia used in the material that has accumulated thousands of views and hundreds of good comments.

Without a doubt, Noelia is a provocative star and her Instagram is full of hot content. There is not a day that the businesswoman also stops posting a photo or video with which she leaves little to the imagination. This is how she previously demonstrated it when she was encouraged to model sheathed in semi-transparent animal print bra and tightswhich are part of the 2023 collection of the new line of clothing and accessories from his brand Noelicious.

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