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THE French are part of three European countries who hold most pets with a total of 80 million dogs and cats! THE cats are in the majority: they represent 33% and the dogs 25%. This was revealed in July 2020 by an Ifop poll carried out for Woopets on 3,018 people between June 9 and 12.

Who has the most pets?

THE 25-34 years old are the age group that appreciate having a pet the most: 60% of them have one. Immediately after come the 65 and over with 33%. But it is not because we love pets and have them at home that we take care of them necessarily well.

Noah syndrome: a mental disorder

THE noah syndrome is a mental disorder which is a form of syllogomania. That is to say that the people who suffer from it accumulate, not objects, but animals without ever wanting to part with them while not taking care of them decently.

Sentenced to 5 months probation

Noah syndrome: what are the symptoms?

The person suffering from noah syndrome does not realize that it houses too many animals, that they are in poor health due to lack of proper care and food. The person is often, himself, neglected. She isolated herself from society. She is convinced that her animals are happy when this is not the case, but she does not notice it.

Women are more affected by Noah’s syndrome, they represent 75% of cases, and 50% of them are over 60 years old.

What causes?

We often find, in people with noah syndromeA emotional lackA emotional shockA traumatic event, depression. Moreover, the young woman from Ribérac confessed, in court: “I fill an emotional void by collecting animals. »

THE noah syndrome requires psychological follow-up by a psychologist or one psychiatrist, and sometimes pharmacological treatment. Without care, there is a risk of recurrence. This is what happened to the young woman from Ribérac who had already been convicted.

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