Ninel Conde shows her steel abdomen in a white string swimsuit at 46 years old | Entertainment | The USA Print

Ninel Conde shows her steel abdomen in a white string swimsuit at 46 years old

The Mexican Ninel Conde This weekend he captivated his almost six million followers on the camera’s social network, because he uploaded a daring video where shows the results that the strong training in the gym has left himbecause she has shown that she is quite constant and disciplined.

The singer wore a two-part white swimsuit, proudly showing off her slender and toned figure, while Her voluptuous attributes caught everyone’s attention as did her steel abdomen.Well, it’s quite marked.

“Sunday funday… Enjoy your day of rest! Don’t forget to give thanks for everything! Being grateful is the best way for life to give you more reasons to give thanks.“was the message that accompanied the video.

The actress, also recognized for her outstanding performances, received hundreds of comments from those Instagram followers who keep an eye on the content she constantly uploads. For this reason, some people explained that she has the appearance of a mermaid because of how her body looks.

In turn, other Internet users simply reminded him how good he looks at 46 years old.

“You reminded me of Coral,” “You can’t be more beautiful”, “Beautiful little doll”, “Madam, what a delight”, “The mermaids are leaving the beach”, “Wow, perfectly beautiful”, “You are a sweetheart, I love you very much my love, send me a kiss heart”, “May God give you many blessings in your entire project, greetings from Barranquilla”, “Have an excellent weekend, beautiful”, “Barbie, you look very divine with such a provocative bikini white to show those great and beautiful attributes that nature gave you”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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