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Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi Agarwal Adenandi Smart Shankar in the movie, she made the boys intoxicated with her intense beauty. This beauty has not been seen much lately. In social media, the air of Bhama has also decreased. At that time, Nidhi, who gave surprise to fans by sharing photos without gap, suddenly disappeared after a few days.

Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal

Fans are worried about where this beauty has gone. Like some heroines, they felt sad that they faded out soon. Despite the beauty and talent.. the tribe felt that why Nidhi is in such a situation. But checking this news, the fund gave a super come back.


Recently, Nidhi posted her photos on social media. Eda mesmerized by showing off her beauty in black color half shoulder dress. Thais posed boldly as usual while doing the show. The boys were once again fed up with these hot poses. They are making comments as to where it has gone all these years.


Nidhi sparkled in a black dress. She took it to the boys by posing fiercely. Guys are going crazy seeing the beauty of this beauty. With a lot of gap, this lady was excited by the beauty show. Recently these photos are going viral on social media.


Recently, Nidhi Agarwal’s momentum is not visible. But she has good projects in hand. While some of the shootings are going on, others are being postponed. As far as this beauty is concerned, it is known that she is currently acting with Pawan Kalyan. `Harihara VeeramalluShe is pairing up with Pawan in the film. Currently, she has signed three more new projects. Talk is heard in Tollywood that the details will come out soon.

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