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La NFL aprobó la utilización de un tercer quarterback.

This Monday the NFL approved that teams in the main American football league can use a third quarterback for game days starting in the 2023 season.

Each team may designate a third emergency quarterback from its active/inactive roster of 53 players who will be eligible to be activated during the game if the first two quarterbacks are unable to participate in the game due to injury,” the league said in a statement.

It’s worth noting that this possibility of having an emergency quarterback was something that happened from 1991 to 2010.

In the 2011 season it was decided that teams could only have two quarterbacks On match day.

The decision was made at the spring meeting, where the owners of the 32 NFL teams participated, and was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This measure seeks to prevent a repeat of what happened in January during the National Conference championship game, in which the San Francisco 49ers were left without quarterbacks and lost 31-7 to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, there are two conditions that must be fulfilled the team so you can use that third passer on the team.

One of those conditions is that the passer must be on the list of 53 players that the team gives for the season. I mean, he can’t be called from the practice team.

Also, the third quarterback can play only if the other two are injured or ejected. If one of the injured quarterbacks is cleared to return to the game, quarterback number three must go out.

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