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Do you know how Facebook uses machine learning on the platform, the “Why am I seeing this ad?” ” Not really ? Luckily, Meta has updated Facebook’s ad transparency tools…

The evolution of transparency on Facebook, rather good news!

“Being transparent about how we use machine learning is essential because it ensures people are aware that this technology is part of our advertising system and know the types of information it uses. used. »

It is with these words that Pedro Pavón de Meta spoke to present the new update of Meta for Facebook.

He adds :

“We are committed to using machine learning models responsibly.”

Users thus have access to clear information on the advertisements they see, in complete transparency. A way to make them comfortable with these ads and be more likely to engage with them. But some advertisers did not welcome this news in the same way, because if some saw it rather badly, for others, transparency is one more opportunity to increase the rate of user engagement. , which can naturally lead to a better return on investment.

Besides, Sprout Social has already revealed some interesting insights into transparency and trust in digital marketing, especially on social media.

When brands are honest and develop a history of transparency, nearly 9 out of 10 people will be willing to give them a second chance after bad experiences.

Meanwhile, 89% of people say a brand can regain their trust if they admit a mistake and are transparent about their steps to fix the problem.

Therefore, brands that prioritize transparency in their social media marketing strategies gain a lot:

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As a reminder, external privacy experts and political actors had suggested the company increase its transparency on how machine learning helps choose which ads to display.

Concretely, Facebook will now highlight how user activity on and off Facebook can inform its machine learning models and detail how these models work to connect subjects.

It says it will now summarize ad targeting insights into topics that inform users about how their activity and engagement on Facebook outside of Facebook may have informed its machine learning models used in targeting. advertising.

To access “Why am I seeing this ad?” the feature continues to be offered by clicking on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of any advertisement running on Facebook.

However, you can still hide ads from specific advertisers and access your ad preferences in the tool.

Want to take a look? The updated version of the advertising tool has been rolling out to global users on Facebook since February 14, 2023 and will later expand to Instagram.

Source : Meta

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