New Superman comic was inspired by one of Taylor Swift’s albums

New Superman comic was inspired by one of Taylor Swift's albums

With a huge adoring fan base all over the world, it’s no lie to say that Taylor Swift She is one of the most important artists of our times. The 33-year-old performer’s impact on the entertainment industry has been extraordinary; Swift has not only been taking the music by storm with her recent tour The Eras Tour, but her reach goes much further.

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Swift has inspired a new Superman comic.

The pop superstar’s footprint has found its way into an unexpected corner of entertainment: comics. According to a new report, Superman: The Harvests of Youth, the new story of the iconic DC hero, was inspired by one of Swift’s albums. During a recent interview with ScreenRant (via Comic book), the writer Sina Grace said the upcoming Man of Steel graphic novel has an “autumn vibe” and that the American singer-songwriter-producer-actress’s hit album Folklore influenced every aspect of the comic. Grace continuous:

There was a bit of a fall vibe to the book that I wanted to capture. She was listening to a lot of Taylor Swift folklore, so that kind of dark aesthetic influenced every aspect of the comic’s design.

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the impact of Taylor Swift At a global level, it should not be underestimated, because in addition to breaking records with her music and her concert tour, the interpreter has just broken a record in the film industry. The arrival of The Eras Tour in theaters was recently announced and the fans could not contain their happiness.

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This Friday, Deadline reported that swift had managed to set a new record in advance ticket sales with The Eras Tour film, surpassing Spider-Man: No Way Home – New Superman comic was inspired by one of Taylor Swift's albums92%, who previously held the crown. The Eras Tour tape, which will hit theaters on October 13 at AMC theaters in the United States, grossed a total of $26 million during the first 24 hours of ticket sales.

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Such an achievement left well below the previous mark of the third Spider-man film belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and starring Tom Holland, which was US $16.9 million. No problem, swift it surpassed this figure in less than three hours, which is certainly an impressive feat.

What is Superman: The Harvests of Youth about?

According to a description of Comic book, the new Superman comic will be released on October 3 and will follow Clark Kent in Smallville during his teenage years, as he and his friends face the loss of a friend, as well as a dangerous mystery to solve. You can read the official synopsis below:

A strong and heartbreakingly human story about the legendary Superman as a teenager finding his place in a world filled with death and hate, never losing sight of his greatest power…hope. Despite being a superpowered teenager, high school has been pretty normal for Clark Kent; But his idyllic life is upended when the death of a classmate shakes up all of Smallville. As he and his friends mourn, the challenges they face grow darker, more complex, and deeply insidious. Clark feels completely out of his depth when Smallville’s latest threat proves it takes more than fists and laser beams to save the day. For the first time in his life, Clark must grapple with life’s biggest questions and compare his own mortality (or lack thereof) to become the hero his beloved people need.

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