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Gobernadora Hochul celebró en un acto en Washington Heights donde detalló partes importantes del acuerdo del presupuesto 2024.

Governor Hochul celebrated at an event in Washington Heights where she detailed important parts of the 2024 budget agreement.

Photo: Don Pollard/NY Governor’s Office

The formula in which Governor Kathy Hochul will invest in the fiscal year 2024 budget, to face the wave crime in New York includes several factors. Although there will be one that will have more weight: With the adjustments to the bond law, it is intended that criminals who repeat and repeat their misdeeds, stay off the streets.

The state president, this Wednesday, in the midst of a “minefield” of human rights organizations and legislators who still resent the possibility of tweaking the judicial reform reached in 2019, revealed new details of her public security strategy, the which in your opinion “It will make New York the safest state in the country.”

“We increased investment, to keep dangerous and repeat offenders away from our families. To prevent winemakers and small merchants from continuing to suffer from theft. We also increased funding for violence prevention programs. And, in parallel, prevent those who make a mistake stay long behind bars”, Hochul summed up.

After a long and stormy debate, the governor and the State Assembly sealed a conceptual agreement on the spending and investment plan of $229,000 million, which will take effect in the next fiscal year. There are included modifications to the bond law, specifically in the chapter that eliminates the “least restrictive” measure for judges to be able to set bail in violent cases.

The bulk of the reform of four years ago will remain intact, in its central axis of Do not disproportionately punish first-time offenders.

The “fine print” of the upcoming technical changes is still being discussed, which suggests that new criminal justice regulations will be issued so that judges can keep “very dangerous people” behind bars while awaiting trial.

More Resources for Public Defenders

One of the principles of the new budget is give more agility to stalled court caseswhich callously force thousands of people to wait months in the prison system before a sentence is issued.

For this, they will invest $170 million to give more resources to prosecutors and public defenders Only in New York City.

In addition they will be added $100 million in aid to modernize prosecution processes and funding defense throughout the state.

In an act in Washington Heights one of the Big Apple’s most crime-ridden neighborhoodsthe Democratic leader joined Mayor Eric Adams to celebrate what they describe as the consolidation of a plan, which from various sides, it will appease a criminal curve that has not stopped rising in the last 24 months.

“We have to start with the issue of recidivism. That is a real problem. A small number of New Yorkers who are extremely violent. With the reform, there was initially a lack of clarity about how judges can use their powers to ensure that these people do not repeatedly harm innocent people. In this budget, recidivism is more clearly addressed ”, said the municipal manager.

Adams also appreciated that more funds will be directed to public defenders and district attorneys’ offices, so they can Hire more staff to expedite judicial processes.

“People should not languish in jails for a long period of time, waiting for the determination and outcome of their cases. This is part of what will be pushed to really modernize criminal justice”, he narrowed.

New NY Bail Law Changes Won't “Forgive” Repeat Criminals | The USA PrintNew NY Bail Law Changes Won't “Forgive” Repeat Criminals | The USA Print
Gilberto Penzo considered it “positive” to rein in criminals who believe that there is no law in New York. /Fernando Martinez

“Put them back on the waist”

For his part, he Dominican Gilberto Penzo, 73 years old, of whom he has lived in Upper Manhattan for 45 He was one of the hundreds of neighbors who came to the act that sealed the new era of public safety in the state.

Gilberto calibrated as “positive” get criminals back on track who understood that New York “had no law.”

“Here it is necessary to put a more strong hand on the sale of drugs on every corner, so that the motorists go around like crazy. It is not possible for criminals to think that they are in charge. And there is no punishment. I know that what the decent majority of us who live in Upper Manhattan want is more police, more law and a strong hand,” said the islander.

But given these changes to come in the way criminal justice is administered in New York, too a radical opposition continues to exist.

“It is a harmful review to give judges more discretion to put mostly black and Latino people in cages. It will hurt our communities, which already face tremendous discrimination at all stages of the criminal legal system. Hochul should stop ruling by reading the tabloid headlines,” he reacted. Jose Lopez, spokesperson for Make The Road NY.

6 budget lines in 2024:

  • $347 million they will be invested in programs designed to prevent and reduce gun violence.
  • $170 million to support the work of district attorneys and public defenders.
  • $92 million to offset costs related to increased fees paid to attorneys assigned to represent low-income New Yorkers.
  • $31.4 million for alternatives to incarceration programs.
  • $20 million for pre-trial services.
  • $11.5 million for reentry services to help people reintegrate into their communities after serving prison sentences

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