New disease discovered in birds: plastic pollution in question | The USA Print

Plasticosisthe name given to this new disease, affects seabirds, and is caused by the ingestion of small pieces of plastic which inflame their digestive tract. Scientists have found that birds can ingest these pieces of plastic accidentally when they fish or confuse plastic waste with food (source 1).

When birds ingest these plastic fragments, inflammation occurswhich can lead to scars and deformity fabrics over time. This persistent inflammation can also make it difficult for birds to digest, affecting their ability to absorb nutrients they need to grow and survive.

A long-term impact and on biodiversity

Birds affected by plasticosis often have difficulty digesting their food, which can cause malnutrition and general weakness. In addition, this disease can also affect their ability to to reproduce and raise their young, which can have dramatic consequences on the global population of certain species of birds. Australian and British researchers observed extensive scarring in flesh-footed shearwaters on Lord Howe Island in Australia. Although plasticosis is a relatively recent disease, it has become a major concern for the scientific community and wildlife advocates, as it can have devastating effects on seabird populations and their natural habitat.

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