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New data on young man who leaked classified documents

Jack Teixeirathe young man accused of leaking Pentagon documents, had been reprimanded by his supervisors on two occasions for his mishandling of classified documents.

This was detailed this Wednesday by the prosecutors investigating the case before a federal judge who It is studying whether the 21-year-old should continue to be detained pending trial.

In documents filed with the court, Prosecutors allege that Teixeira, who was a member of the National Guard, continued to post classified documents on the social platform Discord after twice receiving reprimands from his supervisors. in relation to its inappropriate handling of sensitive information.

According to court documents, Teixeira met with his superiors, who ordered him not to take notes on or delve into classified intelligence information to which he had access.

Prosecutors also pointed out that the young man, accused of leaking documents with information about the war in Ukraine, among others, showed a “deliberate disparagement” of his obligations to protect the content of the documents to which he had access for his work.

On April 17, the Pentagon announced the launch of an “in-depth” and 45-day investigation of its security systems, after having suffered this filtration, one of the biggest he has experienced in a decade.

Dozens of classified US Department of Defense documents have been leaked and posted online, with data that was addressed to intelligence and military officials on US espionage on its allies and the prospects for the war in Ukraine, among others.

The main suspect is Teixeira, who worked at an air base in Massachusetts (USA), and who He has been charged with crimes of transmission and extraction of classified information.

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