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The victims of Kote Cabezudo charge against Disney +:

Almost three decades and two months in prison as the author of the crime of rape, sexual abuse, child pornography and fraud. Just a few days ago he met condemns the photographer Jose Juan ‘Kote’ Cabezudoone of the darker, repulsive and silenced abuse cases occurred for years in San Sebastian society. The sentence was known after the documentary on the plot was canceled by Disney + the same day it was going to be broadcast but, as this newspaper has learned, Netflix has acquired the rights to ‘In their name’so, finally, “soon to be aired”.

How are we going to denounce such a powerful person?“. Plenty of stories have been written and told about men living in the ‘elite’ whose control exceeded the limits. Powerful men who took advantage of their situation and status to abuse women. This tells the documentary directed by Eduardo Mendoza on the ‘Kote Cabezudo case’, a succession of continued sexual abuse by the most famous photographer of San Sabastián silenced by society for decades.

It was scheduled that on November 23, coinciding with the week of 25-N, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the streaming giant Disney+ would premiere the documentary, a shocking and brutal story about twenty womensome of them minors old, who lived for years in an abyss from which they could not escape. However, A few hours after its launch, the platform decided not to issue the same, without giving too much explanation about it. Shortly after, the Mickey Mouse company got rid of the tape and returned the rights to the producer.

[Todo sobre el documental del ‘caso Kote Cabezudo]

Still from ‘In their name’, a documentary about the ‘Kote Cabezudo case’Disney+

The rapist victimsmany of them gave their image and testimonies to tell their story in the documentary, showed their rejection of the platform, assuring that it had “played with your pain”. “Our decision to tell in a documentary what we suffered first at the hands of ‘Kote’ Cabezudo and later at the hands of Justice represented by magistrate Ana Isabel Pérez Asenjo, has been a extraordinarily traumatic process“, they indicated.

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Now, just one year after the expected trial and coinciding with 8-M, International Women’s Day, eight of the photographer’s victims have been in charge of announcing that, finally, their testimonies will be broadcast on television. According to the women, this Tuesday, March 7, they received “the best news of all: the documentary ‘In their name’ will soon be broadcast on Netflix“.

Official statement from the victims of José Juan ‘Kote’ Cabezudo by voicepopuli on Scribd

“We hope that through our history, many people may feel the strength to break their silence. That it serve so that professionals in all fields become aware of what this type of traumatic event means for the victims and that society begins to verbalize this cruel silenced reality“He begins his letter.

The ‘Kote Cabezudo case’ is the terrible story of how a sexual predator spent more than 30 years abusing women, many of them minors.”

The intention of the victims and the documentary is that do not cover up and hide a case of “aggressors” of the magnitude of that of ‘Kote’ Cabezudo. “The truth only has one path and taking a step forward is an act of courage”, they indicate to add that they cannot say that “the process has been easy, but it seems that there is some light at the end of the tunnel although… This has only started“.

“After many years in silence, shame and fear prevented our voice from shouting, although there are many times in which we have kept silent and shouted. It is time to say enough’“continues the letter to stress that”ten years have passed“.

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Documentary about the “terrible” ‘Kote Cabezudo case’

For their part, both Mendoza as the film’s executive producer, Íñigo Pérez-Tabernerohave expressed their satisfaction after the news that the Los Gatos (California, USA) platform will be in charge of issuing the documentary about a story that has “changed their lives”.

Through a letter, to which ‘Vozpópuli’ has had access, Mendoza and Pérez-Tabernero state that “the story of the ‘Kote Cabezudo case’ is the terrible story of how a sexual predator spent more than 30 years abusing women, many of them minors“. Both emphasize that it narrates “how an absolutely absurd judicial process that lasted for more than 10 years, generated a profound secondary re-victimization in the victims.”

According to those in charge of production, the documentary “strictly narrates the facts of the judicial process and it will be the viewer himself who will draw his own conclusions“. “It has been the hardest and most difficult series to produce in our professional life (…) The silence is finally over”, they highlight in their letter.

Open letter from the executive producer and director of ‘En el nombre de ellas’ by voicepopuli on Scribd

It is inevitable that there are monsters immersed in our society, but it depends on all of us that they are not excused, justified or protected“, they conclude.

Netflix will air ‘In Their Name’

In this way, and after spending months immersed in uncertainty, it is already known that it will be Netflix is ​​in charge of issuing this story of pornography, minors and abuse of a photographer hidden by the elite, who rubbed shoulders with the most powerful in Donostia. A photographer to whom hundreds of women and men went to carve out a future in the world of fashion.

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A supposed professional who took advantage of his situation to sexually abuse women, even minors, on his own set. A shocking and brutal story that seems to finally see the light.

Still from 'In their name', a documentary about the 'Kote Cabezudo case'
Still from ‘In their name’, a documentary about the ‘Kote Cabezudo case’Disney+

Condemns ‘Kote’ Cabezudo

Last Thursday, the First Section of the Provincial Court of Gipúzcoa sentenced the 75-year-old photographer from San Sebastian to 28 years and two months in jail as the author of the crime of rape, another of sexual abuse, six of child pornography and two of fraud to some models.

The magistrates found child pornographic material in relation to six of the alleged victims and considered that the crime of making this material “it is prescribed in relation to five of them, and not in relation to the sixth”for which the defendant is convicted of a single crime of making child pornography.

On the other hand, they considered it proven that the defendant “disseminated on its web pages, that material corresponding to four of the other victims”for which they sentenced him for four crimes of dissemination of child pornography, a crime not prescribed.

In relation to another of the victims, they state that it has been proven that “the defendant possessed this material for the purpose of disseminating it”for which they also sentenced him for another crime of possession for the dissemination of child pornography, a crime also not prescribed.

However, despite being sentenced to 28 years in prison, the resolution states that, when the sum of the prison sentences exceeds the legal limits established in article 76 of the Penal Code, the maximum of effective compliance may not exceed 20 years and declares extinguished the sentences imposed that exceed that maximum.