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Negreira case: The Barça-Madrid compadreo |  Sports

Rarely has a banner been so unintentionally premonitory. The candidate Joan Laporta proclaimed it at full speed in December 2020 with a megalomaniac mural on the perimeter of the Santiago Bernabéu: “You want to see you again.” How true, seen what has been seen. So, in the middle of the electoral campaign for the Barça presidency, he took himself as a boastful wink from the candidate for his second term. Today it is evident that the reunion, desired or not, has been such a success that there is no way to rewind a fraternity like between the two institutions, Barça and Madrid. A paranormal phenomenon, but it is already known that circumstances sometimes lead to strange travel companions. You, Barça, make me the gregarious in the Super League and I, Real Madrid, make myself sleepy in the matter of the negreiragate And I don’t cry out to heaven with your little treasury problems either. Now that there is such suspicious evidence, the same is true of mutual misgivings from the Altamira bison. Peace here and then glory. After all, a common enemy: Javier Tebas, to whom the two great patricians of the shed have rebelled. Because they, Barça and Madrid, Madrid and Barça, are not from that world of the League. His goes much further. His channel is that of a League, but Super.

The last madridista dribble came this Tuesday, when the white entity took a lateral step before the demand of the rest of the 40 professional clubs to issue a joint statement against those payments by the Catalans to the former vice president of the referees Enríquez Negreira. Neither more nor less than seven million euros over 17 years and with four different presidents: Gaspart (“no idea”), Laporta (“yes…”, but conspiracies), Bartomeu (“yes, but I finished with it”), Rosell (silence) and Laporta bis (“yes…”, but the anger of Thebes). From the outside, Real Madrid does not seem to worry about such a mess. Neither is the reputational damage to the sector. It is not from that kingdom in which those of the stone have come together to demand clarification without fuss. It is not a question of charging against the friend Laporta, but of showing solidarity with those who, with all the logic in the world, ask to “clarify any irregularity that may have been committed”. In addition, just now that the new CEO of the Super League, Bernd Reichart, has taken pains to make up and democratize the elitist initial project.

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Above the personalism of Tebas or Luis Rubiales, the uncomfortable warmth of the CSD, the interests of UEFA and FIFA, the strategies of Florentino Pérez and the survival levers of Laporta, Spanish football deserves maximum transparency. And he needs the echo and protection of Real Madrid, his unequivocal public commitment to reach the end of the case, without undermining, of course, the presumption of innocence. As much as the Negreira-Barça ties are already a joke in themselves.

It is not a case that concerns only the 40 big broom truck clubs. It even transcends national football, which, by the way, is bidding for the 2030 World Cup. If the matter is not clarified: What will the VIPs of the long-awaited Super League say when they have a travel companion who flirted in such a way with the arbitration team? Barça is right about something. Having the referees’ union on the radar, by whatever means, is an unoriginal practice. Close by, Barcelona fans and Real Madrid fans have a scandalous precedent. Juventus, the third leg of the Super League, was relegated to Serie B in 2006 and dispossessed of two leagues due to a corrupt plot to influence the referees. He also had his door: he moggigate. Waiting for the resolution of the negreiragateHow about ventilating the League before embarking on the Super League?

The porta was not going to bluff. From the “want to see you again” at least badly that I saw you again. Hala Barça and visit Real Madrid.

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