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Natti Natasha shows off her charms with a daring neckline after showing another achievement

Singer Natti Natasha This weekend he once again surprised those who support his professional career, because he has more than 36 million followers, thus took the opportunity to announce that their drink is already in Florida. Therefore, she posed very excited next to the bottle.

At the same time, the Dominican showed herself with her hair down, some clothes that gave an elegant touch to her look, while the fuchsia color became the main protagonist of the postcard and with great neckline at the height of her breasts ended up showing off the size of said part of his body, while holding the drink in one of his hands.

“It arrived in FLORIDA Share the number 1 wine in the 👸🏻🌺Discover elegance in every bubble with Tasha Rosé! The French sparkling wine by Natti Natasha that will transform your special moments. Available for delivery throughout Florida.🇺🇸Toast with Tasha”, was the message that accompanied the news that she offered to her followers.

Internet users took a few seconds of their time to observe and comment on the latest content that they were appreciating and many of them They asked him when the foamy drink arrives in certain nationsalthough they did not have a response from the singer.

However, others highlighted how good he looks at 36 years old in the content that was shared on the camera’s social network last Saturday night.

We need Tasha in Chile”, “We want Tasha in El Salvador”, “Where in Orlando”, “When she comes to Philadelphia”, “What a pretty little baby”, “Let’s drink to us my love”, “When will she arrive in Pennsylvania?” , “Almost trying it because I have a 4×4 comadre”, “Cheers for the meeting. Would you agree to create a topic“, “I love Tasha”, “Excellent always forward friend”, “I toast to Domi always with you LOVE”, “Queen, when is Venezuela?”, “When is Tasha in Chile?”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

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