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Nanditha: Nowadays, most of the heroines are limited to opportunities in movies or social media. To gain popularity on social media, these cuties are trying to get closer to the fans, who are making the youth excited by doing glamor shows. Now Bigg Boss beauty Nandita Shweta is one of those.


In the Tollywood industry, the young beauty Nandita Shweta made her debut in the Telugu industry with the movie ‘Ediki Potavu Chinnavada’ and earned a good name and recognition. Apart from that, she acted as a judge for Dhee Dance Show. But this lady is now shaking the social media with her beauty. From time to time she keeps sharing good photos on social media.

Not only in Telugu but also in Kannada, she acted in many movies and TV shows and made sure that her image did not go down there as well. Nandita Shweta shares her personal details with her fans from time to time and also captures the hearts of boys with her beauty by doing back to back photo shoots. And the boys are going crazy for the fojjas she gives

If you look at the latest pics sent by Nandita in this order, she is in a tight pink top Nandita is white Eda’s beauty dried up and made me dizzy. And tied with the waist between her top and jeans. And her eyes are the highlight and she has posed in those photos with such intoxicating looks that she has to make someone fall. Currently, fans are liking and commenting on the pics of Nandita in pink color top and they are going viral.

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