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La madre de Noel, Cindy Rodríguez Singh, habría abandonado el país junto a su esposo y sus otros hijos.

Noel’s mother, Cindy Rodríguez Singh, would have left the country along with her husband and their other children.

Photo: Everman Police / Courtesy

Authorities in Everman, Texas, downplayed the allegation of the mother of Noel Rodríguez-Álvarezthe 6-year-old boy missing since November, that the child had been sold in a supermarket or flea market.

That was one of the supposed versions that the boy’s mother, Cindy Rodríguez-Singh, gave to the authorities when trying to explain the whereabouts of her son after his disappearance that month.

Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer also mentioned that the woman claimed that Noel was with his father in Mexico, a version that was also ruled out by the authorities.

The whereabouts of the woman, who has nine other children, is unknown.. Investigators believe that she fled with six of her children and her husband to India, where the man is from.

This Thursday, the department indicated in a press conference that the investigation of the disappearance case starts from the premise that the child is dead. Authorities are focused on locating and recovering the body.

Noel, who suffers from various disabilities, was reported missing on March 20. when Texas Child Protective Services received an anonymous tip that it had no information on the whereabouts of the little boy. since last November.

Noel was last seen in October when his mother gave birth to twins at a hospital. from the area. Agents indicated that Noel appeared malnourished and unhealthy.

The information handled by the Police indicates that the mother did not want to feed him so as not to change his diaper. Besides, the woman would have hit Noel with the keys of a car when he asked for water for the same reason.

Relatives of the woman told authorities that this referred to the child as an evil demon or possessed and that he was afraid that he would hurt the twins.

In July 2022, Rodríguez-Singh applied for passports for his entire family.. Spencer added that the mother did not take Noel to several medical appointments required for the child to receive government assistance.

On one occasion, supposedly the Hispanic asked another mother to take her son to the doctor on behalf of Noel in order to continue receiving benefits.

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