Morocco fights to save earthquake survivors against the clock | The USA Print

Morocco fights to save earthquake survivors against the clock | The USA Print

Morocco faces a critical race against time to save lives after the powerful earthquake that occurred on Friday; Emergency services are working tirelessly to reach survivors buried under the rubble, and villagers are using hand tools and shovels in their desperate efforts.

The aftermath of the earthquake has left affected communities in a state of despair. Thousands of people have lost their lives and, according to the BBC, More than 2,421 people have been injured, many of them seriously. He magnitude 6.8 earthquake ​​it devastated a group of remote mountain villages located south of Marrakech.

The earthquake’s impact spread beyond the epicenter and caused significant damage to the ancient city of Marrakech, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In response to this tragedy, King Mohammed VI of Morocco declared a three-day period of national mourning. The government has taken swift action by deploying civil protection units to reinforce essential supplies such as blood, water, food, tents and blankets. However, reaching some of the most severely affected areas has proven difficult due to blocked roads and remote locations.

The Moroccan earthquake has left at least 2,000 dead.
The Moroccan earthquake has left at least 2,000 dead. (Photo: FADEL SENNA/AFP via Getty Images)

In the High Atlas Mountains, where some of the worst affected areas are located, fallen rocks have further clogged already poor roads.

Hospitals overwhelmed in Morocco

In the town of Amizmiz, approximately 55 kilometers south of Marrakech, many buildings have been reduced to rubble. The local hospital, which is considered dangerous to enter, has patients receiving treatment in tents on the hospital grounds. Hospital staff are dealing with an overwhelming influx of patients: Around 100 bodies arrived on Saturday alone.says the BBC, citing a source.

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The streets of the affected areas are strewn with the rubble of collapsed structures, congested by heavy traffic and filled with survivors who have lost everything. Many sleep in tents on the side of the road, but not everyone has access to them.

Residents are asking for additional help as they struggle to rebuild their lives. Rough graves have been prepared for some of the victims in nearby villages, marked with sticks and stones, as locals have taken it upon themselves to find and bury the deceased.

As the magnitude of the disaster becomes clearer, international assistance begins to mobilize. The United Kingdom, Spain, Qatar and France have offered various forms of help, including search and rescue teams, medical support and equipment. The United States has expressed its willingness to deploy search and rescue teams and allocate funds as necessary.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has stressed the critical importance of the next two to three days to locate survivors trapped under the rubble. International teams are preparing to provide crucial support during this critical phase of the rescue operation.

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