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Chantelle Cameron celebrates with her titles after the fight with Katie Taylor in Dublin

Chantelle Cameron celebrates with her titles after the fight with Katie Taylor in Dublin

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The defeat of Katie Taylorwho is considered one of the best fighters in the world, against Chantelle Cameron, took the boxing world by storm And it is not for less: the Irish woman is an Olympic gold medalist, world champion of two weights and current undisputed champion of 135 pounds; However, Cameron and her trainer Jamie Moore would have other plans for Taylor’s first appearance in her home country.

In an interview to sky sports, the former boxer and current trainer of the undisputed super lightweight champion, revealed what were the keys he engineered with Cameron to win the close fight and keep the belt. “Her jab from her is really underrated… the distance from her, the timing of her, I don’t think people have talked about it much, maybe it goes under the radar and she doesn’t get the credit for it,” Moore said of Cameron. .

Taylor, whose lightweight titles were not in dispute, suffered the first setback in his career to lead a 22-1 record, after judges scored the Dublin fight 96-94, 96-94 and 95-95. For Moore, mental preparation was crucial for Cameron to win the fight: “If you are mentally prepared, you will have a better chance against a similar level of talent. I always tell my fighters to make sure, when you’re there, that you’re in shape and that your mind has to be in the right place.”

“Everyone is obsessed with training the body and they are right. I am a big believer that when you are a world class fighter, or at least a British class fighter, you know how to fight. On a certain level, small percentages make a big difference,” Moore told Sky Sports.

In this sense, the coach also revealed to the British media that he used key phrases to work on Cameron’s mentality: “One of them was ‘no problem’ and it sounds very simple, but when the noise was heard in the arena and everyone cheered and they yelled for Katie. I was looking at Chantelle and I kept smiling, saying, ‘No problem,’ and she kept saying, ‘No problem.’

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