Montserrat Bacardí repris the Assaig Award Ricard Torrents Bertrana for the first complete biography of Teresa Pàmies | Entertainment | The USA Print

Montserrat Bacardí repris the Assaig Award Ricard Torrents Bertrana for the first complete biography of Teresa Pàmies

ACN Barcelona – The third edition of the Assaig Ricard Torrents Bertrana prize has awarded this dimecres Montserrat Bacardí for their books The literary truth of Teresa Pàmies, the first complete biography of the Catalan writer. Her guanyadora work traces her life trajectory from the time she was an infant, due to the consequences of her exile, and documents the different events of an intense and fruitful life, both in the political and literary facets of Pàmies. As the author explains in an interview with the ACN, it is an “honor” because he allowed himself to link “an academic name with a self-taught writer.” “There was no study like this and I was supposed to present the vital trajectory of Pàmies and her own work as a whole”, she asserts.

Bacardí recalls that Pàmies was a most popular writer there, who will sell many books and is going to escort. Tot i això, she regrets that the academic world she is not going to have it gaire en compte, for a cost of her for her own “insecure” seva, due to being self-taught; but also for the “fredor” of the darrers anys, in which she goes public very quickly. “Fifty books in thirty years”, the author of the book specifies, “and a lot of work, because it is consolidated and penetrates society, it needs a repos time”.

From the other band, the research has allowed the prize winner to discover many things that she did not know. “For example, the inner life of orthodox communist militants”, she points out. A fet that she is going to be a great willingness to continue and that she is going to bring “great fun”. For what it does to the object, Bacardí part of a designation of “revindicació” that it is “turned or continuous” arrived at the work of Pàmies.

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“There have been between five and two fundamental works, if they can republish them I will feel more than satisfied”, she insists, remembering that currently there is a notable editorial offer that is dedicated to recovering titles, and Teresa Pàmies would fit perfectly. For lesser readers familiar with the figure of the author, she recommends starting with ‘Testament to Prague’, her first book by her. “It is marvelous and of a resounding relevance and validity”, she concluded.

The delivery of the third edition of the Assaig Ricard Torrents Bertrana Award has been held at the Agustí Centelles Library in Barcelona, ​​located in the Teresa Pàmies Cultural Center, in the presence of Eva Espasa, vice-rector for Research and Transfer of Knowledge of UVic-UCC, Carlota Torrents, member of Ricard Torrents, and Gemma Redortra, editor.

The literary truth of Teresa Pàmies reviews the life of the writer, from the childhood and youth years to Balaguer, through her first contacts with Marxist ideas, the impact that the Civil War will have on her and on the family and the consequences of an exile produced by his active militancy in favor of communism. Santo Domingo, Mexico, Belgrad, Prague and Paris are the destinations on Pàmies va viure during the thirty years of exile; Thirty tortuous years, marked by dark moments that she will want to oblige and for the hope of being able to return home one day.

During the Paris stage, Pàmies began her writing career, a bar that she would continue to return to Barcelona in 1971 and that she would not abandon until death. Her work is one of the most polygraph and prolific of Catalan literature of the 20th century. In total, she bought fifty books and thousands of journalistic articles, of which stand out Testament to Prague (Josep Pla Award, 1970), Quan erem capitans (1974), It’s going to cry all day (1974), People from my exile (1975) and the columns that he will write to himAvui from its founding to 1976. The Bacardí book will be presented at La Setmana del Libre en Català on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. with a conversation between the author and Montserrat Barderi.

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