Monterrey International Film Festival 2023 announces its official programming

Monterrey International Film Festival 2023 announces its official programming

In recent years, the Monterrey International Film Festival, better known and awarded as ficmonterrey, has strengthened its extensive history in the film industry both nationally and internationally in the northern region of Mexico, emerging as one of the main platforms for young filmmakers in the country. According to official figures, the event has received more than 609 thousand attendees and screened 3,696 films. The 19th edition will arrive soon and its official programming is announced with many interesting new features.

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Ficmonterrey will take place from September 28 to September 4 and is directed by Lorena Villarreal, president of the Council of the Monterrey International Film Festival. The guest country of this edition is the Republic of Korea and a special tribute will be paid to Soonrye Yim, native director; your movie Little Forest, will be in charge of opening the spectacular festival. Below you can read Villarreal’s official opening statement:

It is a great pleasure to announce our programming that includes 3 world premieres, 11 Latin American premieres and 22 titles that will have their premiere in our country. We are proud to host the Republic of Korea as a guest country and, for the first time internationally, our section ficmonterrey industry@Nuevo León, which will undoubtedly be an important hub that will connect Mexican and world cinema and I cannot fail to mention with the creative industries.

The dissemination of cinema through festivals plays a crucial role in promoting and celebrating diversity in cinematography. These events provide a platform for films that often don’t have the visibility or reach of Hollywood productions. Film festivals, by presenting independent, foreign or less conventional genre films, contribute to broadening the audience’s cultural and aesthetic horizons. Additionally, they offer emerging filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their works and connect with distributors and critics, which can be a springboard for their careers. Ultimately, the dissemination of cinema through festivals fosters innovation and creativity in the film industry by opening new perspectives and giving voice to diverse narratives that enrich the cinema landscape.

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Beyond promoting diversity, film festivals also generate an economic and cultural impact on local communities. They attract visitors from all over the world, boosting tourism and the hospitality industry in the host city. These events contribute to the construction of a cinephile community by bringing together film lovers, industry professionals and cinephiles in an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and appreciation of the seventh art. In short, the dissemination of cinema through festivals is essential from both a cultural and economic perspective, as it nurtures creative diversity and strengthens global connection through cinema.

You can read the official program of the 2023 Monterrey International Film Festival here:

International Feature Film

From You – directed by Shin Dongmin (South Korea)
The wall – directed by Philippe Van Leeuw (Luxembourg, Denmark, USA)
Dear memories – directed by Nahuel López (Germany, Switzerland)
Methuselah – directed by David Galán Galindo (Spain)
Opponent – ​​directed by Milad Alami (Sweden)
A home without closets – directed by Eduardo Cubillo Blasco (Spain)
Latin American Feature Film

Latin American Feature Film

The Punishment – directed by Matías Bize (Chile, Argentina)
That breath -directed by- Valentina Baracco Pena (Uruguay)
The Abduction – directed by Daniela Goggi (Argentina, USA)
The Pregnant Women – directed by Pedro Wallace (Argentina, Brazil)
The Shadow of the Sun – directed by Miguel Ángel Ferrer (Venezuela, USA)
Mexican feature film

Mexican feature film

A Better World – directed by Janett Juárez
Blue Salt – directed by Alejandro Cervantes Polanco
Phantom Love – directed by Marusia Estrada
I don’t want to be dust – directed by Iván Löwenberg
La Pipera – directed by Miguel Pérez
International Short Films

International Short Films

Invisible Border- directed by Mark Gerstorfer
How to Get your Man Pregnant – directed by NOH Gyeongmu
Monk SEISHIN – directed by Ryotaro Miyajima
The Legend of Goldhorn – directed by Lea Vucko
Foam Horse – directed by Juanjo Rueda
Life after Death – directed by Ognjen Petković
Music of Sonny – directed by Klementyna Margolis, Anna Sałacińska
The Right Words – directed by Adrian Moyse Dullin
Courage – directed by Star Bazancir, Jasmine Pusök
Manta Ray – directed by Anton Bialas
Pops – directed by Lewis Rose
Latin American Short Films

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Latin American Short Films

Comadre – directed by Nicole Chi Amen
La gauchada – directed by Juan Follonier, Gastón Calivar
One serving per container – directed by Miguel Otálora
The character – directed by Samuel González Vera
Nélida – directed by Mariana Artigas, María Celeste Lois
Victoria – directed by Agustina Gatto
Hipocampo – directed by Víctor César Ybazeta Guerra
Another story – directed by Luis Jorge Mujia Duarte
Yarokamena – directed by Andrés Jurado
Mexican short films

Mexican short films

The snail dreams of his home – directed by Luis Armando Sosa Gil
Factory Girl – directed by Selma Cervantes
The Tail of the Shrimp – directed by Oscar de la Torre Suárez
Peccadillo – directed by Sofía Garza-Barba
Apnea – directed by Natalia Bermúdez
The Shining of the Firefly – directed by Augusto Reyes
It rains flowers, pirates and the witch’s treasure – directed by Faustino Alanís
I am the Queen – directed by Roberto Salvador Rodríguez
Arkhé – directed by Armando Navarro Cháirez
Emme and her mutant days – directed by Diego Acevedo
My kingdom – directed by Luis J. Arellano
KinoStart Short Film

KinoStart Short Film

Program 1- We, You
Olivi@ – directed by Esteban Ramírez
Aguacario – directed by Jose Eduardo Castilla Ponce
Fairy Tales – directed by Daniela Soria
Roots of my land – directed by Estephania Navarro Orozco
Transgression- directed by Fermín Gerardo Alvarado Domínguez

Program 2 – Family stories and legacies
Condemnation – directed by Andrea Eguía de Loera
Story in Life – directed by Gustavo Arriaga
The end of evils – directed by Rodrigo Bazán Bautista
Family reserve – directed by Isaac Areizaga
The Field Will Cry – directed by Hiram Islas
The recipe – directed by Guillermo Cuadros

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Panorama of contemporary Korean cinema-Women’s Cinema

The Summer – directed by Ji-won HAN
The Apartment with Two Women – directed by Sein KIM
Next Sohee – directed by July JUNG
Moving on – directed by Danbi YOON
Honest Candidate – directed by You-jeong CHANG
The World of Us – directed by Gaeun YOON

Contemporary Korean Short Films

The closest from the heart – directed by Choe hoon
Hole – directed by HWANG Hyein
Peafowl – directed by Byun Sungbin

Tribute “Icon of Mexican Cinema”

Alucarda, the daughter of darkness (1978)
Broken Flag (1979)

Gallery-World Highlights

Monster – directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda
The Space Race – directed by Lisa Cortes, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
Peafowl – directed by Byun Sungbin
Waiting for Dali – directed by David Pujol
Afire – directed by Christian Petzold
The Octopus Skin – directed by Ana Cristina Barragán
It’sa wrap – directed by Amit Miller and Miri Urman
Hypnotic – directed by Robert Rodríguez
The pool of nobody – directed by José Luis Solís Olivares


Inspiration – directed by Ángel Mario Huerta
Las Lloronas – directed by Lorena Villarreal
Thus – directed by Jesús Mario Lozano
12 Ounces – directed by Patricio Serna
The Possession – directed by Victor Dryere’s Altair
The lyrics – directed by Pablo Chavarría
Alex Winter – directed by César Demian
Summits – directed by Gabriel Nuncio
Made in China – directed by Gabriel Guzmán
Hilda – directed by Andrés Clariond
The Dove and the Wolf – directed by Carlos Lenin
The Salmon – directed by Janett Suárez and Ricardo Serna
Niño Fidencio… from Rome to Espinazo – directed by Juan Farré
Flowers for the soldier – directed by Javier Garza

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