Monarch: Legacy of Monsters presents its first official trailer – The USA Print

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters presents its first official trailer - Tomatazos

With the arrival of so many cinematic universes, certainly not many trusted that the Monsterverse would go far, especially when Godzilla (2014) – Monarch: Legacy of Monsters presents its first official trailer - The USA Print74% divided both fans and critics. The idea of ​​unifying these famous monsters was very interesting, but at the same time fragile, and it is very easy for these stories to end up looking ridiculous instead of imposing. In the end, the plans have been maintained and everything indicates that soon this franchise will take a very interesting step with the premiere of Monarch: Legacy of Monstersa spin-off series that promises to mature the saga.

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The Creation of the Monsterverse

When Godzilla premiered in 2014, the production company’s plan was not simply to take the famous monster to establish it in a story in the West as had already been attempted before, but to leave strong foundations to work on an ambitious franchise that could bring together the great legends of the genre. At the time, many complained because humans had a more important role than the titan, but this was an essential need to be able to create something much more durable and complex.

Although it might seem that the ultimate goal was to get to Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, the plans did not end here. The film performed very well with the public and managed to rise despite the global pandemic thanks to the platform then known as HBO Max. Viewers immediately discovered that the material could be exploited even more, although it was necessary to give it an interesting and more mature twist to avoid falling into the most obvious overexploitation that always occurs in the action genre. In this way, the series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters It will reaffirm the place of the saga and, from what is seen in its first official trailer, it may even manage to elevate it quite a bit.

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Anna Sawai in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Source: IMDb)
Anna Sawai in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Source: IMDb)

Watch the first official trailer of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters:

The trailer brings back John Goodman as Bill Randa, a scientist who made his first appearance in Kong: Skull Island – Monarch: Legacy of Monsters presents its first official trailer - The USA Print76%, and that basically explained how, for years, humanity was able to live free of these monsters that were only waiting for the right conditions to emerge. The theory he had was that these creatures were capable of living inside the planet thanks to a hollow system that allowed the development of a perfect environment and climate for them, and although it was discredited by his colleagues, he spent the rest of his life searching. testing, which led him to work at Monarch.

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Apparently, this character left valuable information about the so-called titans so that the government could take the necessary measures to ensure the protection and future of humanity. In the series we will see Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell as Lee Shaw, who has been working on these plans for years, thus confirming the rumors that the story will be divided into at least two temporalities. Anna Sawaiwill play Cate Randa, so we can also expect more information about that other character’s past.

This spin-off series will show us events from the previous films from a different angle and context, since the idea will be to know Monarch’s action plan to make humanity the alpha hunter again. The show was confirmed in January 2022 to make the most of the franchise’s popularity and soon began filming with a cast that also includes Kiersey Clemons, Ren Watabe and Anders Holm.

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters It is the second series within the franchise after the animation Skull Island which premiered on Netflix. The series will premiere its first two chapters on November 17 on the AppleTV+ platform, and then release the remaining 8 chapters week after week. For now it is not known if it is a miniseries to contribute to the Monsterverse or the idea is to create a fixed story that can have more seasons, something that will be clear until its arrival on the famous streaming service and when the general opinion of the series is revealed. critics and fans.

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