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'Modelo 77' and 'As bestas' do not disappoint and triumph at the awards
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This Saturday, Seville hosts for the second time the celebration of the 37th edition of the Goya Awards, the most important awards of Spanish cinema. ‘As bestas’ starts out as one of the great favorites of the night with 17 nominations. He follows closely ‘Model 77’, who fights for 16 statuettes. Both, together with ‘Alcarrás’ by Carla Simón, ‘Cinco lobitos’, by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, and ‘La maternal’, by Pilar Palomero, are fighting to be crowned the best film of the year.

This 12th edition is very marked by a notable absence: that of director Carlos Saura, who passed away this Friday at the age of 91, one day before the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences awarded him the Goya in Seville honorary.

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Best documentary short

And, for its part, ‘Maldita’, has won the statuette for best short documentary.

‘Emotional Architecture, 1959’, best fiction short film

The best fiction short film this year was ‘Emotional Architecture, 1959’, by León Siminiani.

Best New Actress

The award for best new actress went to Laura Galán, for ‘Cerdita’. Her speech has been one of the most emotional of the night, because she has reminded all those who suffer from bullying to “always keep in mind that it is never her fault.”

Juliette Binoche, international Goya of this edition

The Film Academy recognizes the “extraordinary career” and the “bet for risky authors, embodied in a good number of unforgettable performances” of Juliette Binoche, international Goya of this edition. This has been her speech: “It is not for me, it is for the ardent desire that invades me, it is for the fire that lives but does not belong to me, it is that force that sprouts, I am only an instrument of this ardent desire. A tool, a voice, a body. I must share it, I cannot have faith by myself, I have to share it, it is not enough to be a happy actress, you have to give happiness”.

Best European Film

‘The worst person in the world’ has become the best European film.

‘As bestas’ does not disappoint and takes the Goya for best editing

Alberto del Campo, from ‘As Bestas’, winner of the Best Editing category.

best cinematography

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, director of the film ‘As bestas’, collects, on behalf of Álex de Pablo, the award for best cinematography.

Award for best production direction, where for the first time the nominees were all women

Manuela Ocón has won the Goya for best production direction for ‘Modelo 77’. It is the first time in the history of the awards in which all the nominees are women.

‘Argentina, 1985’ wins the Goya for best Ibero-American film

‘Argentina, 1985’ continues its stellar run towards the Oscars and wins the statuette for best Ibero-American film.

Goya for best costume design

Fernando García wins the Goya for best costume design for his work on ‘Modelo 77’, which continues to be a hit in this edition.

“This gala should be for those who suffer precariousness”

Antonio de la Torre personally addresses all the candidates for best director, and takes advantage of his speech to remind that only 8% of professionals in the film industry can make a living from their work. In addition, he has assured that “this gala should be for those who suffer precariousness.”

Lolita interprets ‘Pena, penita, pena’

I rest in the middle of the gala for Lolita to interpret ‘Pena, penita, pena’, in homage to her mother, Lola Flora, ‘La pharaona’. At the end of the performance, she remembered Saura and assured that her mother “is already dancing the sevillanas for her.”

Ingrid García-Jonsson and Arturo Valls present the award for best sound

Ingrid García-Jonsson and Arturo Valls present the prize for best sound. And since you couldn’t expect any other way, Arturo Valls has done it in a very special way… with the voice of José Coronado. The award went to Aitor Berenguer, Fabiola Ordoyo and Yasmina Praderas, from ‘As bestas’, who thus wins her first statuette of the night.

Best Art Direction for ‘Modelo 77’

‘Modelo 77’ continues to be a hit and Pepe Domínguez del Olmo also takes the Goya for best art direction. For Domínguez del Olmo this is his second statuette. The first one was for his work on ‘La isla mínima’.

“For a more inclusive cinema”

Telmo Irureta thanks Fernando Franco, the film’s director, for his award, as well as his co-stars Valèria Sorolla and Emma Suárez. “We also exist and we also fuck. Let’s toast today for a more inclusive cinema and for bodies of all kinds”

Telma Irureta gives her nephew the award for best new actor

The best new actor award has fallen into the hands of Telmo Irureta, for his role in ‘The Rite of Spring’. Coincidentally, the statuette was given to her by her aunt, Telma Irureta.

Susi Sánchez wins the Goya for best supporting actress for her role in ‘Cinco lobitos’

‘Cinco lobitos’ opens at this gala with the Goya for best supporting actress for Susi Sánchez.

best special effects

Second Goya for ‘Modelo 77’, which wins the prize for best special effects for the work of Esther Ballesteros and Eva Valiño.

Second Goya of the night, the one with the best makeup and hairdressing

Yolanda Piña and Felix Terrero ofmodel 77‘, they take the Goya for best makeup and hairdressing.

Álvaro Morte and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón deliver the Goya for best supporting actor

Álvaro Morte and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón deliver the first Goya of the night, for best supporting actor. Finally, he has taken it Luis Zahera, for ‘As bestas’

Darts to Sánchez for the turn of the Sahara and the performance in the fence of Melilla

During the presentation speech, Clara Lago and Antonio de la Torre have thrown darts at Sánchez for the unexpected turn with the Sahara and the performance at the Melilla fence.

They have also remembered the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and have called for “wars to end as they begin: quickly and for no reason”.

“I’ll be happy if the movies I’ve made have added some inspiration”

“At my 91 years of age, I could not have greater satisfaction than receiving the Goya of honor. I have been very fortunate, shooting more than 50 films, I have had six sons, a daughter, a dozen grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, for all this I feel very lucky. I will be happy if the cinema I have made has added some inspiration to today’s brilliant generation of directors. I always said that imagination is faster than the speed of light”. These were the words that Carlos Saura left written before he died and that today his widow, Eulàlia Ramon, has read on stage.

Saura’s family collects the Goya of honor from Carlos Saura

Antonio and Anna Saura, sons of the actor Carlos Saura, who died yesterday, and his wife, Eulàlia Ramon, collect the Goya de Honor that the Academy was going to present to the director in this edition. Upon his arrival on stage, and after Carmen Maura’s emotional speech reminding him, the entire theater paid tribute to him with a warm standing ovation.

His widow, who has read a letter written by Saura himself before he died, has thanked the health personnel who took care of the actor: “Public health deserves to be taken care of just as its staff take care of us.”

The gala begins with a performance by Manuel Carrasco

Starting signal for the 12th edition of the Goya Awards with a musical interpretation of the song ‘Cantares’, by Joan Manuel Serrat, by Manuel Carrasco. The performance has had a small participation of Antonio de la Torre and Clara Lago, presenters of the gala, reciting a part of the poem.

For the chorus, Carrasco is joined by a group of artists, including Maribel Verdú, Toni Acosta, Amaia Salamanca, David Verdaguer and Leo Sbaraglia.

Deliveries of the statuettes

Isabel Coixet, Juan Antonio Bayona, Carmen Maura, Penélope Cruz, Blanca Portillo, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Maribel Verdú, Jordi Évole and C. Tangana will also be presenting some of the statuettes on the Sevillian stage.

Carlos Saura, very present

The walk on the carpet -this year blue- of the nominees and guests at the 37th edition of the Goya Gala, which is held this Saturday in Seville, has become, as expected, a tribute to Carlos Saura, passed away this Friday at the age of 91 and Goya de Honor 2023.

A gala with a clear anti-harassment protocol

To avoid what happened at the Feroz Awards, when two cases of abuse were reported, this past Thursday it was announced that the gala will include a specialized team against sexual assaults and “safe spaces” to deal with cases. Among other actions, it includes specific training for staff and a detailed description of the steps to follow for each of the types of violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment or intrusion that any of the people attending the event could suffer.

The president of the Film Academy, Fernando Méndez-Leite, has also referred to this situation in an interview with Europa Press in which he expressed his desire to have “a safe gala in which no one can do what is not due”. . In addition, he has also explained the difficulty of implementing a protocol.

“It is complicated to organize, but there are many people behind it and it is about that, at the moment that there is any suspicion of any action of this type, it is radically cut,” he pointed out. The president of the Film Academy has been “concerned” by what happened at the Feroz Awards because “the repercussion affects not only the Goya, but Spanish cinema.”

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