MLB would opt to keep the shot clock for the playoffs | The USA Print

MLB would opt to keep the shot clock for the playoffs

This 2023 Major League Baseball season had an important novelty on the shot clock. A stopwatch that was installed in each of the stadiums in order to expedite the matchesas pitchers had only 15 seconds between pitches.

The goal of this watch was met with flying colors and the average playing time dropped considerably to 2 hours and 39 minutes per game. Just over 25 minutes compared to previous seasons.

This shot clock was originally scheduled to be only during the regular season, however due to this great success, the commissioner’s office would have decided to keep him for the postseason as well.

MLB would opt to keep the shot clock for the playoffs | The USA Print
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Although there were many shot clock violations early in the season, as the season progressed they decreased and today almost 60% of the games in the season ended without a clock violation.

Players would have proposed modifying the shot clock time

Given the almost imminent permanence of the shot clock in the postseason, the Major League Players Union would have proposed modifying the regulations to extend the time of the shot clock for the playoffs.

However, the MLB executive council determined not modify any rules before the postseason and this Friday the league informed the committee of the decision to keep it at the current 15 seconds and 20 seconds with a runner on base.

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