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Miquel Serra's library or the need for the tangible

It is from the school of physical things. The same thing happens with reading as with records: if he can’t touch the object, he forgets it. He does not recover it, he does not revisit it, he does not savor it. It’s like she doesn’t have access. Miquel Serra needs paper books, “they transmit something so warm.” Therefore, with what he earned from the first strawberry planting – in 2012 or 2013 – he made a custom shelf, drawn by himself, for books, vinyl records and music equipment. His friend Mònica, a designer at Camper, suggested that one of the corners be rounded.

It is on the upper floor of a duplex, in Manacor, sloping ceiling, windows on both sides, Majorcan blinds, next to a keyboard, an old red television, a large wooden table, armchairs, a Beatles poster, paintings of his brother Joan and a framed portrait of James Salter; She started reading it because it reminded her of his grandfather Miquel Sansó (there is a photo of him and another of his grandmother Bàrbara in the frame): the same elegance, benevolent look. She immediately became one of his abrupt, one of his passions.

The prying gaze

Novel by author, poetry, children’s, science, music, lysergic
Foster Wallace, Salter, Limonov, Lucia Berlin
‘Albert’ by Ole Lund Kirkegaard
A gift
‘The Red Book’, Carl Gustav Jung (facsimile)
The only
‘L’encant dels pentenills’, poems by Damià Huguet and engravings by Miquel Brunet. Copy 236/250. Gift from Biel Huguet
To a desert island
‘I Ching’ or ‘Book of Mutations’
‘Ecological horticulture in Mallorca’, with Jaume Ramon Nadal; ‘Formigues vermelles’ (Edicions del Despropòsit); ‘Pendents que arribin els conqueridors’ (Empúries)
‘Ducks, Newburyport’, Lucy Ellmann

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Another was Foster Wallace, for his vocabulary and the way he approached and told things. TO Let’s talk about lobsters Two essays and a book of stories followed. Someone who choked gave him The infinite joke. When Serra writes, he does so infected with that verbose and vertiginous Wallace; also by Fitzgerald and Pedro Mairal. Robertson Davies, in Asteroid Books, was a discovery. He became obsessed with Eduard Limonov after Carrère’s novel; He has five of his books, and in Cala Morlanda, a few more. There he usually reads in a rocking chair, on a terrace facing the sea, “a very Mediterranean picture.”

Every time he goes somewhere – to the MOT, to the dentist – he carries a book in case he has to wait. He tries not to be too fat, although now he is with Ducks, Newburyport, by Lucy Ellmann, a single sentence in about 1,272 pages. Except when he gets up in the morning, he can read at any time; especially in the afternoon,
and always, always, before going to sleep. He has read since he was little, motivated by his brother and by an EGB professor, Agapito, who discovered Roald Dhal and Ole Lund Kirkegaard; “Albert
“It is an absolute marvel.” So a part of your library
It is dedicated to those initial editions of children’s literature. In AbeBooks he found An adventure behind the wheel and saves old Spirou, and a Geyper water game that will be 40 years old.

Devotion to literature would come when studying agricultural technical engineering in Barcelona. He had enjoyed Sinhué, the Egyptian and not so much with One hundred years of loneliness ; she understood that she would have to select. Through a roommate, the Henry Miller era began. He then he pulled for his account. He fascinates her The dream of Africa by Javier Reverte, and Between land and sea, by Joseph Conrad.

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He buys them in Món de Llibres, in Babel, he rescues them from a green spot. He found The Uruguayan for one euro in Capdepera. For half a euro, several by Manuel Puig. He likes Lucia Berlin, Cynthia Ozick. Look for them to captivate you and be well written. He says that there are very good ideas in science fiction, but the problem is that most of them fall out of his hands, and that pisses him off. Of course, if a book is super well written and it doesn’t move forward, she gets tired of it; That’s what happens with Richard Ford. “I want inventiveness, outcomes like those of Ted Chiang or Aldous Huxley,” whom he loves Little Archimedes.

On the lower floor, behind the sofa and in front of the fireplace, are the music players; Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, everything Paul McCartney. A boy in Barcelona sold him for two hundred euros Alcover-Moll Dictionary , and he carried the ten volumes in his backpack after a concert, with the guitar and several pedals, to the plane. His back still hurts. She would hate to lose Buñuel’s memories and Travels with Charley, by Steinbeck. But if I could only have one on the typical desert island it would be the I Ching. “It’s like taking you to a very wise grandfather.” He bought it at Wallapop, split with a friend, because it was very expensive. Recently she bought it again for himself. He is oracular. The more sincere he is and the more respectful of his way of being, the more the book gets it right: “It is not tarotism, it is not astrology, it is a very deep knowledge; I don’t know how they were able to establish a method for you to find what you need.”

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