Minor shoots a gun at a basic education school in Mexico and injures a janitor | The USA Print

Minor shoots a gun at a basic education school in Mexico and injures a janitor | The USA Print

The minor was arrested in a nearby park.

The minor was arrested in a nearby park.

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A minor entered a secondary school (basic education for adolescents) in the State of Mexico, center of the country, with a weapon on Wednesday, shot it and injured a manand due to these facts he was detained by the authorities and activated alert calls by civil organizations.

Police officers went to the school, located in the municipality of Los Reyes La Paz, practically neighboring Mexico City, to arrest the Mexican minor, identified as “Antonio”, who was caught up in a nearby park, after his escape attempt.

According to testimonials from his classmates, the child under 12 would have had differences with his mathematics teacher, for which he took the weapon and threatened those present in the classroom located in the Magdalena neighborhood (neighborhood).

A janitor who witnessed the act tried to stop him, but was hit in the shoulder by a near-miss bullet. while the minor tried to leave the facilities of General Cuauhtémoc Secondary School number 80, shooting into the air in the courtyard of the institution.

According to versions, upon his departure, the minor would have changed his clothesMeanwhile, the school authorities immediately informed the ministerial police and medical services to transfer the injured janitor to a hospital.

For this event, the Reinserta organization, which works on the emotional and social recovery of children and adolescents exposed to traumatic situations, called on the educational authorities “to take seriously the important role that educational spaces have for the development and the prevention of violence”.

The NGO expressed its concern, after last February a high school student in another municipality in the State of Mexico lost her life in a fight with one of her classmates.

“We have insisted on the urgency that Mexico has to stop normalizing violence, these violent behaviors are by no means normal and for no reason should we get used to them,” he said in a statement.

Reinserta revealed that between 2019 and 2021, the injury records of the Mexican Ministry of Health indicate that 61 people between the ages of one and 17 were treated in hospitals for physical violence in schools.

Of this number of minors, 42.6% were identified as women, while 57.4% as men.

In addition, he stated that three-quarters of those victims were adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17while the entities with the highest records of school violence were Hidalgo, the State of Mexico and the capital Mexico City.

“Mexico needs to bet on public policies and actions that are aimed at preventing violence and crime,” the NGO concluded.

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