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Mila vs. Milá: Vargas Llosa to Mercedes Milá: “It is a wonderful feeling to experience love, but not to talk about it. He is impoverished ”| TV | The USA Print


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Mario Vargas Llosa gets up every day at 5.30 in the morning to write until 8. At that time he goes for a walk. His partner, Isabel Preysler, sleepless after talking to their children who live in Miami, goes to bed at 6. The novelist reveals this information to Mercedes Milá when the journalist asks if she doesn’t wake up “Isabel” with getting up so early to write . “That’s how you’re doing great!” She exclaims, thinking about the future of the relationship. “Perfectly. We have been together for six years, ”she adds, laughing, he.

Milá and Vargas Llosa have known each other for 50 years, when the Peruvian novelist temporarily settled in Barcelona. The interview, which Movistar Plus+ broadcasts this Monday at 10:35 p.m., is part of the second series of Mila vs. Milaha program in which, as a common thread, fragments of the meeting that both had in already mythical programs of the eighties such as Goodnight either Thursday to Thursday. If in the first season José María García, Massiel, Manuela Carmena, Lola Herrera, Ramoncín and Joan Manuel Serrat passed through the sofa, the second has Ana Belén as protagonists, Pedro J. Ramírez, Maribel Verdú, Miguel Ríos, Imanol Arias and Vargas Llosa himself.

Seen today, 1986 television, talk date originalIt looks like from another planet. On that occasion the Peruvian author ―”you were really good”― shared a table with Emilio Botín, owner of the Santander bank, and with Carmen Martínez-Bordiú, granddaughter of the dictator Francisco Franco. Everything was pure direct and the interviews lasted 15 minutes. “That’s why I did everything so that people wouldn’t get involved: the gesture of the scissors with the fingers, kicks under the table…”, remembers Mercedes Milá in her dressing room once the meeting with the author of The city and the Dogs. This time it’s an hour and a half that will be cut down to 50 minutes. In addition to “how cutesy the shoulder pads and hairstyles were!”, more things have changed: those interviews were done you and could reach 20 million viewers. There were no private channels and TVE marked the conversations of the next day because everyone had seen the same thing the night before: Francisco Umbral claiming to talk about his book or Camilo José Cela boasting about absorbing a basin of water anally.

Threshold and Cela, now deceased, are two of the characters that Mercedes Milá, much to her chagrin, will not be able to transport back to the past. The same as Adolfo Suárez, Maradona or Rocío Jurado. She would like, yes, to recover Pedro Almodóvar, Bibiana Fernández and another of her classics, Miguel Bosé. “Now it would be a must“, He says. “It’s complicated, but I’m not throwing in the towel.” Throughout his career, he reckons, he’s done some 3,000 interviews. The one that he did not manage to do to García Márquez will remain pending forever. “I don’t like interviewing writers,” she confesses to Vargas Llosa. “I like what you write so much that I’m afraid you’ll disappoint me.”

Mercedes Milá: “You’re not wearing socks!”

Vargas Llosa: “You can’t wear moccasins with moccasins. Elizabeth says so. I obey”

The Colombian author, however, stars in one of the blocks of the trip to 86. He had won the Nobel four years ago and Vargas was 24 years away from receiving it. Both were the two great stars of the boom of Latin American literature. Milá did not beat around the bush: “Were you jealous?” Answer: “Not from the Nobel; of One hundred years of solitude. Of success, no; of talent, yes. In 2022, and after talking about the tyrannical father of the writer, the “wonderful” uncle of the journalist ―the architect Alfonso Milá―, of all the times they have seen each other and the great affection they have for each other, Mercedes Milá, unable to bite the bullet language, he seems the right person to reveal the secret of all secrets: Why did he break his friendship with García Márquez and give him a black eye with a punch? “It is said that for a woman, that for a book.” It is said that. The writer captures the subtle approach of his interlocutor and adds: “How many legends, right?”. An instant later, she curls up: “I’m not going to tell you what happened. One day it will be known, but not by me”. That is, perhaps, the only minute in which the guest manages to keep his guard up against the office of his hostess. The remaining 49 are played on the Milá field.

Milá and Vargas Llosa, during the interview.
Milá and Vargas Llosa, during the interview.

Mario Vargas Llosa is a man who does not know the Anacoluto, speaks edited and no one is silent: whether it is defending the decriminalization of drugs or asking for the right-wing vote in a newspaper with a reputation for being left-wing. She has given hours of interviews, she seems to have said it all. For her part, Mercedes Milá manages an unbeatable mix of documentation and self-confidence, capacity for surprise and iridescent platinum experience, of which she does not give Google. That is why she does not neglect the great successes of those who are in front of her. In this case, her bad relationship with her father, the seven jobs she did simultaneously as a student, the kitchen of tough times ―his latest novel―, the project he is working on ―a book about the Peruvian waltz― or the memory of his candidacy for the presidency of his country in 1990 (“happily, I lost”). But she knows that the devil is in the details and she catches them on the fly. Her difference is marked by moments like the one in which she lowers her eyes, touches the feet of her illustrious esparrin and exclaims: “You’re not wearing socks!” The program was recorded in February and on the set there was no overcoat. “You can’t put on socks with moccasins,” he explains. Elizabeth says so. I obey. In matters of elegance, she has the casting vote”.

“The family has always been order, rigor. I have been the daring, the adventure”

When Mila asks him about the shock Vargas Llosa replies: “The family has always been order, rigor. I have been the daring, the adventure”. The scandals that have “persecuted” him were born, he explains, from love: a “wonderful” feeling that “gets poorer” when you talk about it. “Silence is the best,” he concludes. Nice try if he didn’t have Mercedes Milá in front of him, who goes from friend to reader as appropriate to the interview. And that she knows how to stop. Which does not mean that she stops extracting oil. “Ask him about the hippos”, they suggest by the earpiece. “That’s how he relaxes.” They refer to the figurines that the writer collects. Why? “Because it is an animal that makes love, that enjoys, it is sensual”. There it is she who, judging by her face, is dislocated. Especially when he adds that he has seen them in action, in Africa. But the offside did not last long and Milá did not take long to return whole. “Should we do a show about hippo powders?” And the Nobel: “I’m in.”

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