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Microsoft challenges Google with latest Bing Chat update

Bing’s AI has gone a step further in its offering to the public after the new big update from Microsoft that is released today. Google’s competition chatbot adds new very interesting functions that put it ahead of its main rival in artificial intelligence after the changes announced in the last few hours.

The Bing Chat update adds image and video responses, restaurant reservations, chat history, and smarter integration with Microsoft Edge. These new features also coincide with the fact that Microsoft has made Bing Chat available for everyone to try, moving from private to public preview.

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Microsoft’s challenge to Google is double, since in addition to these changes, the new features for Edge leave Chrome on the canvas. Microsoft’s so-called Browser Actions allow you to use AI to complete tasks without having to navigate from one site to another, such as the ability to ask for restaurant recommendations and book on the spot.

Another example of these features is that if you are looking for movies, you can ask Bing to play them for you, and it will automatically select the correct service and open the site to start playing the movie. At the moment, this option has been shown with the Apple TV platform, although it will surely be expanded.

The input of images and videos in user searches in Bing Chat are another of the great novelties: “We are introducing richer and more visual responses, such as tables and graphs, and an updated response format, which will help you find the right answer.” information you are looking for more easily”, explains the head of consumer marketing at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi.

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The inclusion of images in Bing Chat responses is one of the great novelties

The inclusion of images in Bing Chat responses is one of the great novelties


As requested by thousands of users, Bing Chat has added history to collect chatbot conversations across devices and even use Bing Chat as a research tool. Microsoft also plans to add export and sharing features to Bing Chat so you can share the content of a conversation on Twitter or even bring it into a Word document.

With this tool, in the Edge browser if you open a link from a Bing Chat reply, it will automatically move to a sidebar so you can continue asking questions as you browse the site, as well as looking into adding history context. previous chat to new conversations.

Bookings can now be made directly from Bing Chat

Bookings can now be made directly from Bing Chat


Edge also now has enhancements to the compose text feature, with more tone options and the soon to be able to provide page context so you can ask questions in Bing Chat about the page you’re on, so similar to the sidebar of the desktop version.

One last update on Bing Chat is that Microsoft is opening it up to third parties with plug-in support, which could trigger the development of the tool and exponentially multiply its functionality after announcing that it is already working with OpenTable for its reservations function. Bing Actions, Wolfram Alpha for visualizations, and OpenAI to allow developers to connect to Bing Chat.

From Microsoft they speak of “a game changer in the reinvention of search and to advance opportunities for developers in search.” Without a doubt, the commitment to Bing Chat has become much stronger and more interesting with this new update that arrives today.

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