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Since the deployment of Bing AI Chat, the search engine continues to interest Internet users. Bing now has 100 million daily active users: a great victory for the search engine which has always remained behind Google. Maybe not for long?

Shovel improvements

On February 14, we shared with you our test of the new Bing interface, with ChatGPT integration. Since then, the search engine has continued to improve its chat: availability on mobile, voice search, reduction of errors, configuration of the tone of responses… In short, Bing is on the front of the stage at the moment!

All these changes have prompted Internet users to take a greater interest in this search engine, often neglected by Google. So much so that the 100 million users dailies have been exceeded, making Bing proud.

100 million active users

It was Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft, who announced this great news in an article published on the company’s blog, of which the following is an excerpt:

We are happy to share that after several years of steady progress, and with the small boost of one million new Bing Preview users, we have surpassed 100 million daily active Bing users. This is a surprisingly large number, but we are fully aware that we remain a small player. That said, it feels good to be part of it!

Of the millions of active Bing Preview users, we’re pleased to see that about a third are new to Bing. We see this appeal of the new Bing as validation of our view that search needs to be reinvented, and of the unique value proposition of combining Search + Answers + Chat + Create into one experience.

Second, not only are we seeing growth in new users, but we’re seeing an increase in engagement as more people search more daily.

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Although Yusuf Mehdi is aware that these 100 million daily active users are not not a huge number compared to Google, we understand the joy that Microsoft feels with this strong increase. The proof that they did well to bet on the Bing AI Chat!

After that ?

Bing obviously does not plan to rest on its achievements. According to this article, “It’s been an incredible 30 days and the team is motivated to continue iterating and improving Bing and Edge to deliver the next generation of search and what we hope will become your trusted co-pilot for the web.

We can therefore expect continuous improvements, which may encourage new users to stay on the search engine. A new impetus for Bing, whose market share could increase this year!

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