Michelle Salas’ mother confirms that her daughter celebrated a “pre-wedding” to share a special moment with Silvia Pinal | The USA Print

Michelle Salas' mother confirms that her daughter celebrated a "pre-wedding" to share a special moment with Silvia Pinal | The USA Print

Stephanie Salas spoke with Mezcal Entertainment and spoke about his daughter Michelle Salas’ upcoming wedding. In said conversation, she said she was very excited about the wedding and stated that she has more nerves than the bride. In said interview, Humberto Zurita’s girlfriend also accepted that she hopes that her daughter will take time to have children, because she, for now, is not interested in being a grandmother.

He told Mezcal: “I have never wanted to, I believe that my mother, my mother is going to take great care of (the grandchildren), I have not yet.”

The actress and singer shares her reasons for this statement, and assures that she has always been a very good mother, but now is when she is finally having time for herself and for this reason she is not interested in taking care of the grandchildren for now. That will be the turn of Silvia Pasquel, his mother.

Currently Stephanie is living her best moment: “I release my singles, I play my turntables, I am with my great love, I get on stage; So I do want to enjoy it now. Now imagine now the children and then me locked up in my house, no!”

Michelle Salas.
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There was already a wedding!

According to Michelle Salas’ mother, her daughter already celebrated a “pre-wedding” with the sole objective of sharing a very special moment with Silvia Pinal, since her great-grandmother will not be able to travel to the wedding. “Yes, there was a familiar ‘little meeting’; We were happy, few friends, little family too and well, nice, very nice.”

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Regarding whether or not this was a pre-wedding, the actress said: “Yes, totally (it was a pre-wedding) because my grandmother is a person who lives, lives here in this city and yes it is always very nice when Mich He has the opportunity to come to his commitments and that, well, to get together, and what better than also on grandma’s birthday that everything comes together.”

The proud mother does not know if Luis Miguel will accompany his heir to the altar. “I don’t know, the truth is that I think those issues correspond to her. I couldn’t tell you, but oh well. I consider myself a great mother and I am very happy about that.”

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