We started seeing her more than a decade ago thanks to small appearances in some of the best Spanish series like ‘Toledo’ and ‘Isabel’. Taking the first steps on the unstable terrain of acting is not easy, but Michelle Calvó was clear that her goal was to be an actress, like her mother, and that she was going to fight until she achieved it. “She always gave me confidence and encouraged me to go for it because she told me that I was going to achieve it. Just with her look I could already see that pride and security towards me,” he tells us during an interview to talk about season 3 of ‘Entrevías’ which, after passing through a generalist network, comes to Netflix.

Michelle Calvó plays Dulce, a fighter with whom she shares that warrior spirit and who has made her feel freer than ever. “It’s a character that is far from me in energy, way of being and expression. I could allow myself to investigate, let myself go and tell things in a way that I had never done before. That freedom is very cool. I have always played empowered women and it is a gift. However, all the previous ones were closer, so I didn’t have to go further. With Dulce I have let myself go without fear.” And it shows because we can say that it is one of her best roles to date.

How did you handle the physical demands of the role?

I have always been a very sporty girl. I have played volleyball since I was very little, I have never stopped training and the commitment to the sport is something that is innate to me and I really like it. Thanks to this it was easy for me to connect with Dulce, although it is true that I had less time to get around in a sport that I had never played and that was difficult for me to understand, since I am a non-violent and calm person. It was difficult for me to understand that part of a sport with a lot of physical contact and that many see as violent. The challenge began when they told me that she had two months to be a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. I started training three times a day, watching fights to familiarize myself with the movements and attitudes and also documentaries to get closer to that personal terrain.

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Daniel Rojas

What is it like to be living in different bodies all the time?

It’s difficult the further the character is from you, but it’s also the salt and the most fun. I always say that I would like to be immortal and everyone tells me that I would be bored, but I think I would have a life for everything I want to do and be. I would like to be so many things and have so many professions.

Which is it?

Marine biologist, without a doubt. I am very connected to the sea and I have been involved in many struggles as an activist for marine biodiversity, I also dive and I love the seabed. Somehow acting gives me this and I can live many lives. It is the closest way to traveling in time, something that I have always liked.

Your character in ‘Entrevías’ has a complex past, something you agree on.

Yes, although it is true that Dulce has experienced more complicated things than me. When you are going to give life to a character for the first time, it is important to have her family background and since they didn’t give it to me, I started creating it from my imagination to justify it. Now, in the fourth season, more is known about her and she looks like what I imagined so that means I have understood her. I have not experienced something so ‘heavy’, but I know how difficult it is to fight to achieve a future or a present that you deserve and that you want with great enthusiasm.

What has it been like to work with two greats like Luis Zahera and José Coronado?

The phrase to motivate me is: ‘Everything is going to work out for me because I am the universe’s favorite.’ I am tremendously lucky because from the beginning I have had wonderful colleagues from whom I could learn, actors and actresses who inspired me. Since I was little I had great references like Elvira Mínguez, with whom I have shared three projects, and Luis Zahera, whose work I have always been passionate about. When they told me that he would be my godfather, I couldn’t believe it. I have a divine personal relationship with him, he is an exceptional, generous and authentic being. I have shared more with him than with José, although in the last one I was able to do so and it was very cool because, although they are both brutal actors, they work completely differently and it has been great to see them both. I have learned to work from two different points of view.

“I know how difficult it is to fight to get a future or a present that you deserve”

‘Entrevías’ fans want to know what will happen in season 4. Can you tell us anything?

We will be with our souls in suspense, with our hearts full of adrenaline because there will be a lot of action and a lot of pain also because, in the end, the stories, although it seems that they always go one way, the scriptwriters always surprise us and take it to a different one. It is a series that helps us connect with the characters, we love them. Their fate hurts us and the fourth will not leave anyone indifferent and will touch everyone’s heart.

It is the most watched non-original series on Netflix. What is the secret of your success?

I think the viewer connects with the characters’ stories. There is a level of empathy towards them, people care about what happens to them. That’s what makes the viewer sit on the couch to continue devouring the series. Also the script twists that keep them connected. There is no peace in ‘Entrevías’. It has everything, an interesting script, well-built characters and a rhythm that makes you never get bored. In addition, it has something important which is the acting quality of all the actors. Defending some sequences from this series is not easy and you have to be brave enough to do so.

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Daniel Rojas

This summer you presented the legendary ‘Grand Prix’ program. How was the experience?

I am fascinated by challenges, I like to improve myself and gain tools from each experience. I had fond memories of the program and, on the other hand, I wanted to exceed my own expectations because I was excited to be part of the children’s memories. It is a beautiful space and I did not want to take away the opportunity to learn. Also, it was cool to meet the people, now I feel like I am from many parts of Spain

The film ‘The Misunderstood Club’ marked a change in your career. How do you see the actress you have become?

I am lucky because it is a very complicated profession in which, in the end, it is a long-distance race in which you have to keep giving and never give up because it is not easy at all. I have been working on very interesting projects for many years that have nourished me, although I always say that luck does not come alone, it must also be sought with work. I have enormous respect for the profession and that is why I continue giving courses and seek to grow more as an actress. Now I think I have a poise that experience has given me and an empowerment that I didn’t have before. She made me very nervous acting and now quite the opposite, I enjoy it a lot.

You have spoken openly about the ‘Bullying’ you suffered. What would you say to those who are in a situation like this?

Let them ask for help and not feel ashamed, nor believe that they are responsible for that situation because they are not. It is normal to feel afraid, but it is also important to feel other beautiful things that deserve to be experienced and that you do not see right now because you have a dark layer of pain. I started to forgive those people, I think they also feel pain and become dark beings and lower other people into darkness so that they can be like them. I would tell them that we are better, that we can overcome it and that a beautiful world full of light awaits them. You just have to pull the shirts of the people next to you.

How do you handle the pressure that actresses suffer?

You have to learn to be and assume that there is a part that is going to be like that and preserve your heart and personal life. I learned to understand that nothing is personal. Thinking that it’s not just you and that it’s part of the game. I love that people stop me and I feel that I am lucky because they love me, regarding other issues we cannot meet everyone’s expectations. I seek to do things with love and respect and I always go to sleep with a clear conscience. If you get out of there, it doesn’t belong to me.