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La michelada es una de las bebidas preparadas con cerveza, ideal para disfrutarse en verano.

Beer is one of America’s favorite alcoholic beverages. Beer is so versatile that you can enjoy it on its own or in other prepared drinks. and accompany countless dishes.

In michelada, mojito or mexican mule, we share six options for drinks with beer to enjoy this hot season.

1. Michelada

The michelada is a beer prepared with salt, chili, lemon and ice, over time other ingredients such as hot sauce were added. We leave you the recipe for the classic michelada.

2. sweet and spicy gummy

If you hear about beer, liquid chamoy, tamarind, sweet and spicy gummies in one drink, you will surely guess that this is a fun and delicious gummichela. Mix salty, sweet and spicy flavors with the beer of your choice.

3. mexican mule

Mexican Mule is a tequila-based Latino variation of New York’s Moscow Mule, made with vodka in the 1940s. The combination of beer with tequila and lemon originally served in a copper mug frosted with saltIt’s very refreshing. It is served with plenty of ice.

4. beer mojito

The mojito, a drink from Cuba and one of the most requested and recognized prepared drinks in the world. You can also make a mojito variation with light beer.

5. sangria with beer

With light beer, a little tequila, red wine and peaches in syrup you will have a refreshing beer sangria, a variation of the original cocktail that is made with red wine and fresh fruits.
In this hot season you will like it very much.

6. Butter beer

Made popular by the movie Harry Potter, Butterbeer has become an opportunity to try a unique combination from England, which was served hot during the Middle Ages. It is simple and different, a kind of punch that is easy and quick to make.

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