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Miami police search for woman who drugged and robbed a man

A women who drugged and robbed a man of more than $600,000 in jewelry in her apartment in Miami (Florida), after meeting him at a club in the city, she is wanted by the PoliceThe authorities reported this Wednesday.

The Department of Police of Miami published on social networks a video taken by a security camera of the building where the women arrive with the victimtake the elevator and, later, go out alone.

“We need to identify the woman who spiked the victim’s drink and, once she fell asleep, stole over $600,000 worth of jewelry.”pointed out the Police in the publication in which he asked for citizen collaboration to find the women.

The events took place in the early hours of May 8.when the man went up to his apartment with a women that he had met in a club in Miami.

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The victim told law enforcement that he had only had a drink with her in her apartment when she lost consciousness. When he woke up around noon, the woman was gone and he noticed that the safe was open and the jewelry had disappeared.

Between the jewelry and valuables stolen by the women they were a diamond-encrusted Rolex Daytona watch, a gold chain, bracelets, Cartier sunglasses, and a diamond ring, picked up by NBC Miami.

Recently, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, adjacent to Miami-Dade County, published several videos taken of two young people at the home of a man who met them at a casino in the area.

In the videos, the three are seen having drinks and then to them searching the house to take everything valuable before he woke up from the lethargy caused by a drug put in his drink.

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Given the alarm generated by the frequency of similar events, a Colombian living in Miami who had a drug thrown into a drink years ago to steal it, considered what to do to prevent something like this from happening to other people and today he exports his reactive strips to detect GHB and ketamine to Mexico, Canada, Australia, Israel and Europe.

Jhoann González, 48 years old and a resident of the US for more than 20 years, created the product called TestMyDrinkan idea that came to him from a traumatic experience that is much more common than is believed, according to what he said last March in an interview with EFE.

Without him noticing, González a young woman he met at a club spiked his drink with ketamine. He woke up hours later in a hospital with no memories or anything of value.

A survey of 969 people this year by the website of the US Centers for Addiction found that 44% of men and 56% of women said they had ever been drugged by introducing substances into food or drink.

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