Miami approved the payment of services and the collection of salaries in Bitcoin | The USA Print

Miami approved the payment of services and the collection of salaries in Bitcoin

Some call it the new Silicon Valley. The mayor of the city of Miami insists that this is not the case.

“This is not the new California, nor is it the new New York. Miami is Miami and will continue to be. But the Miami that we are creating today welcomes with open arms financial and technology companies that are tired of not being valued in other states and drowning them in taxes. Our objective is to generate well-paid jobs so that our children and grandchildren do not have to leave Miami looking for good job opportunities,” Francis Suarez, the city’s mayor who has led a national campaign to attract new companies to South Miami, told Infobae. the fl.

Miami approved the payment of services with bitco Bitcoin. Is it really worth what it costs?

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The latest increases in this cryptocurrency have unleashed a whole series of controversies on social networks regarding whether this asset represents a legitimate investment or is a bubble ready to burst. A whole series of issues were debated and continue to be debated, which we will try to clarify, since the detractors of this asset do not seem to fully understand it.

Lets start by the beginning. Bitcoin is an extremely volatile asset and its price fluctuates greatly up and down. Anyone interested in investing in Bitcoin should be prepared for this type of move. But the fact of its volatility does not make it a bubble. It is a misconception to try to understand the nature of Bitcoin for what it costs, but instead try to approach it for what it is worth. The intrinsic value of this cryptocurrency is extreme, due to the type of problems it solves. The technology behind cryptocurrencies is revolutionary in every way, so valuing it can be as complicated as valuing the concept of “Internet”.

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