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A woman receives the coronavirus vaccine at a medical center in Culiacán, Sinaloa.
A woman receives the coronavirus vaccine at a medical center in Culiacán, Sinaloa.Juan Carlos Cruz (Dark Room)

More infections, but less serious. Mexico has registered 8,026 new new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, adding up to 5.7 million patients since the start of the pandemic. Although the Ministry of Health has not yet decreed the beginning of a fifth wave of infections in the country, in some parts of the country such as Sinaloa or Baja California Sur, the alarms have already begun to sound due to the daily rebound in cases. In the case of Sinaloa, the State went from 500 to more than a thousand patients in a week, while in Baja California Sur infections almost tripled in the last 15 days, going from 166 to 644 positive diagnoses. Regarding deaths, on the last day 42 deaths have been recorded to exceed 325,000 deaths in the country.

In Mexico City, infections have rebounded 47% from one week to another, reaching 4,400 weekly cases. Despite the rebound, the Government continues without tightening sanitary measures. The head of government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, has emphasized this Tuesday that there is no need to implement more restrictive measures because the population is vaccinated. “The contagion is not associated so far in any way with an increase in hospitalization or an increase in serious illness. At the moment we continue to monitor, but there is no major alert in the city, ”she said.

The Ministry of Health of Mexico City (Sedesa) has described the increase in infections observed in the capital in the last three weeks as “slight” and has emphasized that this growth in patients has not affected hospital admissions. “Currently, there are 117 cases in hospitals throughout the capital,” the agency said in writing. Like the Executive, the capital has focused its attention on vaccination levels to address the new rise in infections. So far in Mexico City, more than 7.8 million inhabitants have been immunized.

These spikes in different areas of the country have not caused a change in the color of the epidemiological traffic light that remains green throughout the country, indicating a low level of infections. A measure consistent with the tone emitted by its daily report: “A growth trend in estimated cases at the national level is observed. It has not had an impact on hospitalizations or deaths”, refers the federal agency. The occupancy of general beds in the country is 3% and 1% in beds with a fan.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, affirmed this Tuesday at the National Palace that the pandemic has had two major stages, regardless of the different waves registered: the pre-vaccinal and the post-vaccinal. As his name indicates, the difference lies in the massive application of vaccines. The federal official added that epidemiologically they can be differentiated this way because the impact of the disease changed radically with the vaccines, thus, while in the first two waves and part of the third they had an important impact in producing serious illness, hospitalization and deaths; in the fourth, with high vaccination coverage, serious illness, hospitalization and deaths decreased. “What do we expect to happen now? The predominant variant is still omicron, almost everywhere in the world, and the behavior is low virulence, but the key piece is to get vaccinated,” he stated.

“The very important positive news to take into account is that it goes from being a disease with high damage, high virulence, with a high capacity to cause serious illness and death, to a disease with little capacity to cause considerable damage and greater transmissibility. , that is what we are seeing with the omicron variant, we saw it all over the world and that is what is going to happen, there are going to start to be some waves that are going to enter more and more into a seasonal phase, most likely between October and March, and in one or two years we will already have a certain regularity of this seasonal presentation”, he concluded.

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