Mexico closes the FIFA date without being able to win two friendlies | The USA Print

Mexico closes the FIFA date without being able to win two friendlies

After winning the Gold Cup against Panama last July and not participating in the Concacaf Qualifiers for being one of the hosts in the 2026 World Cup. The Mexican team began a series of friendlies this Saturday to stay active until the World Cup.

The first friendly was against Australia in Texas. The match ended with a 2-2 draw. with goals from Raúl Jiménez and César Huerta for the Aztec team, while the oceanic side with goals from Harry Sottar and Martin Boyle equalized.

The controversy and criticism of the Mexican team came on Tuesday night, when the Aztecs tied again this time against Uzbekistan. The Asians scored a goal at the end, to take away the joy of the eleven led by Jimmy Lozano after an error by goalkeeper Memo Ochoa.

Mexico closes the FIFA date without being able to win two friendlies | The USA Print
Guillermo Ochoa /Getty Images

These two ties, despite being friendly, served as a thermometer for the team and aroused a lot of criticism, since they could not win in both matches. And several fans and journalists began to question Lozano’s continuity on the “Tri” bench.

The Mexican strategist at a press conference was clear and made no excuses for his team’s draws. “I think all the high blood pressure was very bad.”. When we lost, we recovered many times, but when the rival organizes itself well, things are not clear to us on how to work on it,” the coach analyzed.

He also assured what the team should improve on from now on. “We must work on going to press or how to get behind, but not meaning to lock ourselves in, getting behind is grouping, leaving spaces, to take advantage of recovery. Today when we pressed, we didn’t know how to handle the game, because the rivals were very organized,” he explained.

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The Mexican eleventh team showed solid control of the field in both games. Against Australia she had 71% possession of the ball, while against Uzbekistan she had 19 shots compared to only 4 for her rival. This superiority in the game was not reflected on the scoreboard. Furthermore, the continuous errors bothered the coach.

“Avoidable goals, we left a 3 to 2 in one of them. Very workable mistakes, which we will not make again in concentrations. Working without the ball leaves me annoyed, because they don’t reach us much and they punish us a lot.”Lozano closed.

Mexico will have a couple of friendlies again in October. The first against Ghana on the 13th in the city of Charlotte and then against the four-time champion Germany in Philadelphia on the 17th of the same month.

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